Is Zija a Pyramid Scheme? (Review)

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Is Zija a pyramid scheme? That’s the question. Well, I’ll give you my take on Zija in a second.

But as you will soon find out, just about every MLM will have to answer this same question at some point. Because let’s face it, people hate MLM companies.

Chances are you are in the majority if you’re here. And as you’ll find out, not all MLM companies are pyramid schemes despite the false accusations and bad rap.

Let’s take a look at Zija.

What is Zija International

Zija international is a multilevel marketing company that was founded by Kenneth E. Brailsford back in 2005. The company is headquartered in Lehi, Utah. If you’re not aware, the state of Utah is the mlm capital of the world with a ton of companies that call the state home.

The company is a health and wellness/nutritional supplement company with a portfolio of products for:

  • weight management
  • nutritional needs
  • energy and performance
  • personal care
  • home essentials
  • active life and fitness

Is Zija a Pyramid Scheme?

The term pyramid scheme is one that is often thrown around when it comes to multilevel marketing companies. And sometimes for good reason. You have a fair share of scammers and people how don’t do business on the up and up in this space.

But not every company in the mlm arena is a pyramid scheme. To think this way is just flat out false thinking. Here’s why.

If you can move product in any arena you will and should be paid. That goes for being a sales rep for a corporation or a distributor for a network marketing company.

Are all MLMs a Pyramid Scheme?

The next thing to consider is, any business that relies on you buying more inventory and selling only to your family and friends is not a sustainable business. The problem is the term pyramid scheme and multilevel marketing is used synonymously.

Here’s a video that speaks exactly to my point on pyramid schemes and mlm companies. It’s one way of looking at it and pretty much calls anything mlm a pyramid scheme.

What is a True Pyramid Scheme

A pyramid scheme in the truest sense of the word is a business model that recruits people to join with the promise of payments or services for getting other people to join into the scheme. There is no actual investment or sale of a tangible product in a true pyramid scheme.

The sole purpose of a pyramid scheme is to separate the unsuspecting person from their money. Point. Blank. Period.

So on its face, a multilevel marketing company’s compensation structure can appear that way when you have people being paid for bringing in other people. But if there isn’t a product or service behind that company, then they’re operating a scheme and scamming people.

Are MLM Companies Legitimate?

I can tell you from my over 2 decades experience in multilevel marketing, that many companies have legitimate products and services.

For example, in the case of one of my first mlm companies LegalShield, formerly known as Pre-Paid Legal. I can tell you I used the service for at least a decade without recruiting a single distributor. All because I believed in the product.

What often trips up most mlm companies is shady business dealings. But you do have some that operate as true pyramid schemes. And now hopefully by now you’ll know better and and be able to run the other way.

Why Zija is not a Pyramid Scheme

If you read what I wrote above, you know that Zija isn’t a pyramid scheme because there are tangible products that the company stands behind. More on their products in a minute.

How to Join Zija

With Zija International there are two ways you can get involved with the Zija brand. You can become a Customer and/or you can become a Distributor.

Zija Customer

As a Customer you have access to 25% off retail price of their products.

You also can participate in their Loyalty Rewards Program. This lets you have your favorite products on a recurring basis while earning points.

It’s simple to create a customer account to allow you to shop at their online store. All you have to do is go tor the Zija website to get your account created.

Zija Distributor

This company is a multilevel marketing company so in order to join as a distributor will need to get back to the person who referred you.

If you don’t have a sponsor you can contact them on the Zija website to be assigned a sponsor and sign up over to the phone.

To get started as a distributor here are some of the initial costs.

The Zija starter kits is $40 and there is also a $20 enrollment fee for wholesale pricing access. Their products are also bundled in kits at various price points starting at $199, and going all the way up to $1320.

You will also need to sign up for autoship to keep products coming every month to your home.

As a Distributor here are some of the things that you get:

  • 25% off retail price on product purchases
  • Participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Deep discounts or free products through their exclusive promotions for distributors.
  • Prizes, awards and incentive trips to places like Thailand, Mexico and a Caribbean cruise for sales performance.
  • Commissions and bonuses on personal referrals and people you share the opportunity with.

What Products do They Sell

Zija International uses more than 92 verifiable nutritional ingredients in its weight management system. The company gets their main ingredient from the Moringa Oleifera tree, which they call Nature’s Miracle Tree.

Moringa is best known for it’s rich antioxidants, which may have some anti-inflammatory properties. However, as this is a supplement, I would be careful with making medical claims without clinical evidence.

Zija also claims that their products do not contain any artificial ingredients or stimulants.

Here’s a list of some of their 4 core products:

  1. Core Moringa Supplements
  2. Améo Essential Oils
  3. GenM Personal Care
  4. Ripstix Fitness Supplements

Here’s a tweet on Zija’s products.

The Zija International Compensation Plan

As a distributor with Zija there are several ways to earn money. As with any mlm opportunity it is so important that you get the comp plan.

Some of these comp plans can be quite complex. It can almost feel like you need a math degree just to be able to figure it all out.

Here’s a video that breaks down the comp plan in further detail.

Here is a detailed breakdown in this handy Zija compensation plan pdf.

Is Zija Legit?

Zija has an A+ rating with the BBB and has been accredited since 2012. The reviews are mostly positive and the company operates in 50 markets worldwide.

The company has generated revenues of $138 million in 2018, and $125 million in 2017 and has been in business since 2005. With a robust product line that people generally tend to like, the company has continued to see steady growth year-over-year.


As you can see Zija is not a pyramid scheme. Although it operates in a model that is quesitonalble to a lot of people. Their products are sound and the company has a good track record.

When doing your due diligence with any company, it’s important to factor in how passionate you are about the company. Also, the company’s track record and product line.

Remember that even though most mlms like Zija are called pyramid schemes that doesn’t mean you can’t make money. Don’t let the doubters sway you and only you can decide if this company is a good fit.

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