ibuumerang Review: Is ibüümerang A Scam?

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In this ibuumerang review, I will share with you what this company is, what it isn’t, and if it is a scam.

With so many MLMs out there, you need to do your due diligence before investing time, money, and energy in an opportunity.

Here’s what my research was able to uncover. Let’s get started.

What Is ibuumerang?

ibüümerang is a multi-level marketing company that promotes discount travel packages to consumers through their network of Travel Savings Ambassadors (TSA’s) and online travel booking platform. This company taps into travel, which is a $9 trillion dollar industry.

Distributors join the program to earn commissions whenever they sell discounted travel packages to friends, family or anyone through a free ibüümerang website.

There is also money to be made from recruiting other Travel Savings Ambassadors. TSA’s make money by selling travel packages, not to mention the fees they charge new distributors whenever they join the program.

When Was ibuumerang Founded?

ibüümerang came on the scene in early 2019. It is most commonly associated with Holton Buggs who is one of the founders.

Buggs was previously known for his role as the Chief Visionary Officer at Organo Gold. But he eventually left the company.

The other notable founding member is David Manning, the man behind XStream, the travel company which ibüümerang has partnered with. Manning was also part of the ‘Vacation Network’ MLM in 2012.

Both men have extensive experience in the field of MLM.

ibüümerang’s Products/Services

The company operates a travel discount system called iGo.

Everything they do is designed to offer customers access to this discount engine. In fact, it is their primary offering.

Customers use it to access discounted travel packages made available through Manning’s Travel company.

These travel packages include:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Timeshares
  • Rental cars
  • Homes
  • Cruises

How Does ibüümerang Work?

Customers go to the ibuumerang travel system to identify and buy the travel packages they want.

To join the MLM arm of the company you would join as a TSA (travel savings ambassador). TSA’s are much like an independent business owner or distributor.

Their objective is to sell the MLM’s discounted travel packages by referring people to book through the Xstream Travel platform. For their part, they will receive 25% of the commission earned through those bookings.

When a TSA signs up for the MLM program, they are given access to the iGO travel discount engine.


The company calls each iGO login a büümerang. The number of boomerangs you receive depends on the package you choose when you sign up. Once you land new customers, you can give them the boomerangs.

NOTE: Boomerangs are codes that are created and sent out by TSA’s to generate customers on the iGO platform and help them get discount travel.

Customers need the boomerangs to access the discount engine. Whenever they use the boomerangs to make a purchase, you get a commission.

If a TSA is active, they will run out of boomerangs at some point, at which point they must buy more. You can also make money by bringing other TSA’s onboard. The more people you recruit, the more money you make.

How To Join ibüümerang

To join the ibuumerang platform, simply visit the ibüümerang website to get started or get back to the person who referred you.

What Is ibuumerang
ibuumerang Scam

This MLM isn’t necessarily cheap to join, but it isn’t expensive either. How much you have to pay to join can depend on the package you choose to come in at.

The basic membership fee is $49.95 per month, which everyone starts at, will get you:

  • 1 Büümerang website
  • 5 Büümerangs to send
  • 25% of direct TSB
  • 25% of referral commissions
  • iDecade interactive presentation
  • Ambassador online management system

The company has a few different optional product packages to choose from.

ibuumerang Review

A coach-class package costs the same monthly fee of $49.95, but will cost $250. This gets you 10 boomerangs.

The business class costs $500 and a monthly fee of $99. This gets you 25 boomerangs.

The first-class package pays the most. The monthly fee is $99. But distributors must also pay $1000. They will get 50 boomerangs in the process.

If you’re interested in trying out this opportunity, it might be wise to decide if you want to go all in, or play it safe by coming in at the cheapest package first to determine whether or not ibuumerang is a good fit.

How You Get Paid With ibüümerang

This company’s compensation plan is more complicated than most. For that reason, I won’t go too deep here.

At its core, it aims to pay TSA’s a commission for selling travel packages to customers. However, it isn’t quite as simple as it sounds.

Everything starts when the TSA acquires a travel package from the company at discounts as high as 50% if not more. When the TSA sells that discounted package, they normally raise the price tag by a certain percentage.

This additional charge is often treated as a service fee of sorts. But because the customer is still getting a discount, they are rarely bothered by this increase.

More importantly, the company uses that additional charge to support the commissions the TSA’s will receive.

Here are some of the basic ways that TSA’s earn with the company:

1) Recruitment

ibüümerang will pay you whenever you recruit a new distributor. The money you earn will depend on the package the new distributor chooses.

But the bonuses typically range from $20 to $80. The people whose recruits sign up for the biggest and most expensive packages earn the most money.

2) Residuals

To earn residual income, you must create a downline so that you can earn a percentage of the total sales your team earns.

The people that members of your team bring in are part of your downline, like most companies in the MLM industry. To make serious money, you need a downline filled with active members that are continuously recruiting healthy distributors, not to mention customers who are using their boomerangs to make purchases.

Below a solid video overview on the ibuumerang compensation plan and business opportunity.

Earnings Potential With ibuumerang

As was mentioned above, your rank is going to affect your earnings. Ibüümerang has a bunch of different ranks to climb.

The ranks are as follows:

  • Director
  • Executive
  • Senior Executive
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Black Diamond
  • Presidential Diamond
  • Crown Diamond
  • Double Crown Diamond
  • Triple Crown Diamond

Your rank is determined by your personal volume and group volume. The higher the PV and GV, the greater the rank.

For instance, to attain director rank, you need 2500 PV and/or GV. The blue diamond rank, on the other hand, demands 500,000 GV a month.

If you are thinking about becoming a triple crown diamond, you need a GV of 10 million per month in sales volume.

Calculating Earnings

Once you start calculating your potential earnings, you must consider your rank and class. For instance, as was mentioned before, recruiting a new member gets a coach-class distributor a bonus of $20.

A business-class gets $40 whereas the first-class stands to earn $80. So as you can see there’s a difference in earnings.

As far as the retail commissions are concerned, when a customer receives a 50% discount on their travel package, the TSA who brought them on board is supposed to make as much as 50% of the 50% the company kept.

To be more specific, TSA’s from the first two classes can earn anywhere from 12.5% to 50% whereas first-class packages receive 100% of the 50% kept by the company.

Residual Income

When it comes to residual income, distributors can earn between 10% and 20% in residual commissions. When you get to Director rank, a 12% residual commission can amount to $1,500 a week.

That figure jumps to $10,000 a week for emerald rank, which can earn 17% in commissions.

A triple crown diamond rank amounts to a commission of $250,000 per week, which is staggering.

Other Bonuses

There are also unilevel residual commissions, leadership development bonuses and the lifestyle bonus pool to consider.

To be clear, the figures above are what ibuumerang travel states that people can earn, while earnings will vary.

Is ibuumerang A Scam?

This MLM has some things to consider before joining. Depending on the package you choose, it is expensive to join.

Holton Buggs, the CEO has had been a part of some questionable situations in the past. But many people will tell you that he has done plenty of legitimate work in the field of MLMs and is a legend.

Some people will also argue that the compensation plan is too complicated. However, none of that suggests that ibuumerang is a scam. It is a legit platform.

Better Business Bureau

Yes, they are not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and not rated. But at this point in time, they are still a very young company and this could easily change in the near future.

ibüümerang is growing at a decent pace. They already boast over 24,000 customers and nearly 20,000 distributors.

Pyramid Schemes

Pyramid schemes are problematic because they rely on recruitment to make money. ibüümerang uses recruitment to grow the company. However, it also sells legitimate travel packages to consumers.


If there were no multi-level marketing platform in place, ibüümerang would still be a real business that offers actual products and services to customers. With it, the company offers an opportunity for business builders to generate income while growing a team.

ibuumerang has an estimated 200,000 users. They have booked 25,000 trips so far and their members have saved an impressive $70,900,000. This company is not a scam and might be worth a look if your looking for a solid MLM opportunity.

ibuumerang FAQ

What is ibuumerang travel?

ibüümerang is a multi-level marketing company headquartered in Houston, TX that promotes discount travel packages to consumers through their network of Travel Savings Ambassadors (TSA’s).

How much does it cost to join ibuumerang?

The basic membership fee is $49.95 per month. The company has a few different global starter packages to choose from such as the coach-class package for the same monthly fee but will cost $250. This gets you 10 büümerangs. The business class costs $500 and a monthly fee of $99. This gets you 25 büümerangs. Then the first-class package is a monthly fee of $99. Distributors must also pay $1000.

When was ibuumerang founded?

ibüümerang travel came on the scene in early 2019 and is headquartered in Houston, TX. It is most commonly associated with Holton Buggs who is one of the founders.

How does ibuumerang make money?

You can earn as a distributor with ibüümerang by referring people to book through the Xstream Travel platform. You will receive 25% of the commission earned through those bookings. ibüümerang will pay you whenever you recruit a new distributor. Those bonuses typically range from $20 to $80. You can also earn residual commissions when you create a downline, where you will earn a percentage of the team’s total sales.

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