Youngevity Review: Is This Business Opportunity and Compensation Plan Legit?

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There are boatloads of mlm companies out there. And today I’m going to give you my unbiased Youngevity mlm review. I’ll take a look at the compensation plan, their products, and the business opportunity as a whole. The goal is to answer the question… Is it worth your time?

This company is growing and someone might have shared this opportunity with you. If so, you’re in the right place. I am not a part of this opportunity. But in my experience the solid companies all have a few things in common. Let’s take a look from top to bottom and dissect this. Here we go.

What is Youngevity?

Youngevity is an international company based in California. The company was founded in 1997 as a producer and supplier of health and wellness products. It got its name from the words—youth and longevity, which speaks to the company’s mission.

Since its establishment in 1997 by Dr. Joel Wallach, Youngevity has made a big footprint in the nutrition space making it one of the most popular multi-level marketing companies out there.

Founded by Joel Wallach, in Youngevity International Inc. is a fast-growing, innovative, multi-dimensional consumer products company. They offer a wide range of consumer products and services, and market their products through person-to-person selling relationships that are made up of a “network of networks.”

The company is also a producer of the finest coffees for commercial, retail and direct sales channels.

Youngevity was formed after the merger of Youngevity Essential Life Sciences and Javalution Coffee Company in the summer of 2011. Formerly known as AL International, Inc., the company changed its name to Youngevity International, Inc. in July 2013.

The Company sells products in approximately 70 countries and territories.

What are Youngevity’s Products?

As I mentioned, Youngevity is a manufacturer/distributor of health and wellness products. These products range from nutritional supplements and meal replacement shakes, to essential oils and powdered juice drinks.

Youngevity MLM markets over 2,000 products from different categories including:

  • Sports
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Fashion
  • Cosmetics
  • Coffee
  • Energy drinks and many more…

The products are aimed at bettering the lives of customers. Some of their more popular products are Beyond Tangy Tangerine, Citrus Punch, Beyond Osteo-FX, Rebound FX and Ultimate EFA Plus to name a few.

Most of these products are sold in themed Paks, which contain sets of products targeting specific health issues like:

  • Blood sugar control
  • Weight loss
  • Athletic performance
  • Digestive problems and others…

How to Make Money With Youngevity

Being that Youngevity is an mlm company, you have an opportunity to earn money by referring other people.

Here are some guidelines for increasing your rank and earnings:

  • When you become a distributor or an associate and along with the commission you earn, you also make a 5% income from sales of other distributors you’ve sponsored to join the program.
  • Also, when your recruits bring in more distributors you earn another 5%. So these are the two basic levels that you can earn. Another way to increase your earnings, is to buy 50-100 points every month. This can increase your chances of moving up to the next level which is brand associate.
  • When move up to a brand associate post, you can earn up to 8% on the two downlines and an additional 7% of the third level.
  • From the brand associate level, the next level is the senior associate level. This level requires you to spend about 200 points every month. To get to this level, you also need to have about three recruits who spend over 1000 points monthly.
  • The percentages and amounts you can earn depend on your rank and qualifications. If you can reach the executive level, then you can make money from 9 different levels in your downline.
  • 4-star executives can make up to 57% in commission from nine different levels in the downline.
  • The other way to make money with Youngevity is to buy and sell products. The direct sales are available for all members. You buy Paks at a discount then sell them at a profit.


If the idea of selling products doesn’t sound like fun to you, then there are other options such as  bonuses. Some of these bonuses include:

  • Coding bonuses
  • Infinity bonuses
  • 8-level residual bonus
  • 30% quick start bonus and more.

You may also benefit from monthly free products and the global revenue pool. Their compensation plan is very detailed and comprehensive. I’ll go into it a little bit more in an minute. But before I get to that here’s the compensation guide for you to download so you a better idea of how it all works.

Youngevity Business Opportunity Presentation

Here are some slides of the business presentation on Youngevity and how you can earn money with this opportunity.

How To Join Youngevity

1) To join the Youngevity mlm opportunity, you have to buy a welcome pack that costs $25.

But this option doesn’t include any of the products. There is another start-up package that costs $115 for weight loss, coffee, anti-aging, and healthy start products.

2) In order to start your business, you can buy a CEO Mega Pak, which goes for $499.95.

There are several options to choose from depending on the category that best fits your needs.

Is Youngevity a Legit Business Opportunity?

Youngevity is not a scam. Being a multi-million dollar company, Youngevity is a huge organization that has been in business for a long time (since 1997). Most people consider don’t like the idea of multi-level marketing and immediately associate it with being a pyramid scheme. But it’s not. A pyramid scheme doesn’t have a real product. It is also a publicly traded company and a DSA member.

One of the biggest issues with their products is that there is no research to back the products that they manufacture and distribute. But Youngevity continues to see record growth and hasn’t received serious complaints. To date, the company has about 25,000 distributors. Youngevity also has a BBB rating of A+, meaning it is a reputable company.

Youngevity was founded by a mineral doctor who has been a pioneer in selenium for more than 40 years. He has received various awards recognizing him for his works. This shows that the person behind the company is on the cutting edge of research and science.

One last thing to look at with any company is their revenue. Here’s a tweet that talks about the company’s revenue growth for Q1 of 2019.

Here’s Youngevity Annual Revenue over the past few years. (Millions of US $)

2018: $162
2017: $166
2016: $163
2015: $157
2014: $134
2013: $86
2012: $75

Is This Opportunity Right For You?

Multi-level marketing is a skill in and of itself. Although it might promise great benefits especially in earnings that doesn’t mean that it will work for you. So take claims with a grain of salt.  Youngevity,  is a system that works, but only to those who have an advanced skill set.

What I mean by advanced skill set it, can you take rejection? Do you know how to market a business? Do you have confidence? Are you charismatic and a leader? If you can answer yes to these questions then maybe you might join the ranks of the 1-5% of all network marketers who make it. I’m not from the school of thought that you can’t make it with mlm, because I know many 6 and 7-figure network marketers. I’ll just say they are few and far between.

The Pros of Youngevity

Before I wrap up, here are some of the pros of Youngevity:

  • They have a broad range of products. This means you can select any type of product in any niche you like.
    The company has been in operation for a long time. This makes it appear more legit, unlike most MLM companies.
  • It is a publicly traded company which makes it more credible compared to competitors.
  • The company is a member of the Direct Selling Association. With the strict DSA rules, it implies the company operates legitimately.
  • They have great commissions and nice bonuses. You can get up to 30% on sales commissions which is a great way to make extra income not mentioning the bonuses including Quick Start bonus.
  • They have a huge community where you can get any type of support you need. Remember it is a global company.

The Cons of Youngevity

Here are some of the drawbacks with Youngevity:

  • High start-up fees with hidden fees. You need about $115 to buy a startup package. There is also an enrollment fee of $25 and $499 CEO start-up package.
  • It’s an MLM company, so you need a distinct personality to succeed.
  • You spend more time building a business that is not yours. It is Youngevity MLM.


MLM companies sell a dream. The problem with most of these companies is that most of them are marred with fraud and big claims. In the case for Youngevity though you have a solid company. If you can stay away from making claims about what these products can do (there isn’t research to back these claims) and have an advanced skill set you can succeed. This is a legit company and if you’re good at networking and recruiting people, then this could be your golden chance to make money with a home based business.

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