What is Vasayo MLM?

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If you’re on the lookout for an MLM opportunity, then you’re proabably here because you’ve heard about Vasayo. But for most, it’s new to the MLM scene.

In this review, I’m going to answer the question – what is Vasayo MLM? Because at the end of the day, it’s very important to do your research. Especially with newer MLM companies.

With so many companies out there in this space pushing powders, pills, and potions, it can be hard to know who is legit. Here, I will shed some light on Vasayo and let you know if their health products and business opportunity are worth your time.

Let’s get started.

What is Vasayo?

Vasayo is a rapidly growing multi-level marketing company that was founded in 2016 by two individuals, Dallin and Karree Larsen. Before this, the duo had founded another company called Monavie, which they later sold to Jeunnesse in 2015.

Vasayo is headquartered in Utah, USA and also has headquarters in Hong Kong. As a multi-level marketing company, Vasayo uses distributors to sell their nutritional supplements, which they promise will transform the lives of customers.

How Vasayo Works

As a multi-level marketing company, Vasayo uses a network of distributors to sell products to customers both online and offline. The products are priced higher than most products in this category.

The company allows you to join and become a brand partner. When you enroll as a brand partner you help the company sell products while earning compensation.

Their compensation plan has a total of 18 ranks and is a binary type plan. Their retail commissions go up to 20% and they have introduction bonuses that range from 10-20%.

How to Join Vasayo

If you want to become a distributor you have to get back to the person who referred you. You also have to be referred to the products to buy through a distributor’s website. You can learn more on the Vasayo website.

What is Vasayo

To join, you’ll first need to order an Enrollment Pack, which is $49.95 and purchase products to get started. You’ll also be given a company website branded website once you have signed up.

The last thing you’ll need to do is register as a partner. There are various partner levels and you choose your level based on the product package you want to buy.

The company has four partner levels are:

  1. Foundation partner
  2. Premium partner
  3. Executive partner
  4. Ambassador partner

Foundation Partner

Foundation partner costs $329 and includes:

  • 1 Core Essentials
  • 1 Neuro
  • 2 Renew
  • 1 Energy
  • 1 Sleep
  • 2 Energy Sample Packs
  • 2 Sleep Sample Packs

Premium Partner

The Premier pack costs $699 and includes:

  • 2 Core Essentials
  • 2 Neuro
  • 3 Renew, 3 Energy, 3 Sleep
  • 2 Energy Sample Packs
  • 2 Sleep Sample Packs

Executive Partner

Executive partner is priced at $949.

This pack includes:

  • 3 Core Essentials
  • 3 Neuro
  • 5 Renew, 5 Energy, 5 Sleep
  • 4 Energy Sample Packs
  • 4 Sleep Sample Packs

Ambassador Pack

Finally, the ambassador pack costs $1399.

This package includes:

  • 4 Core Essentials
  • 4 Neuro
  • 8 Renew, 8 Energy, 8 Sleep
  • 6 Energy Sample Packs
  • 6 Sleep Sample Packs
  • 1 FREE Ticket Voucher to Convention

How to Make Money With Vasayo

1) Join the right team

The Vasayo team that you join plays a huge role in determining your level of success. It is best to find a team that has the right energy and lots of successful distributors.

From there you can piggyback off of what’s working and learn from successful like-minded people. This is the key to succeeding in multi-level marketing.

Some teams focus more on recruiting new members, but neglect training existing members. You’ll do yourself a world of good if you find a team that looks out for each other and trains new members properly on how to grow their business.

2) Look for as many prospects as possible

Your success in Vasayo relies on the number of prospects you can convert to buyers or distributors. If you have a lot of prospects in your pipeline, you increase your odds of making money. It’s a numbers game.

It can be very challenging if you use traditional methods to grow your business. This is why most of the successful brand partners use online marketing to find new prospects.

This goes back to what I mentioned above, but find a team that is successfully marketing online.

3) Gain exposure to the products

Being a sales representative requires you to understand the products you’re selling. The best way to get started is to test the products for yourself to determine if they really work.

4) Introduce others to the opportunity

Vasayo rewards you with 20% of any commission earned by the brand partners you personally sponsor. If you can sponsor more new members onto your team, then it goes without saying you can increase your earning potential.

5) Build a team

There is the team commission bonus, which is paid weekly for those who build teams. Also, there is the team commission matching bonus, which also increases your earnings.

Here’s a slideshow presentation that shares the 8 ways to earn with Vasayo.

What Are Their Core Products?

Vasayo’s products are primarily nutritional supplements that can be readily absorbed into the body. Their products address the issue that most health supplements are not fully absorbed into the body.

The products use liposomes to enhance their effectiveness. Their products include Microlife Nutritionals.

Some of their core products are:


This is a blend of cleansing herbs and fulvic acid that helps to detoxify the body and provide vital nutrients.


An organic supplement that is designed in the USA.

Here’s a tweet with someone promoting this new CBD Oil product with the company.


A product that blends various polyphenols and antioxidants to help restore a youthful look.


This is a supplement that helps to manage stress, weight, hormone balance, and suppress appetite.

Core Complete

A multi-mineral and multivitamin supplement that comprises of probiotic additions, digestive enzymes, and omega fats.


This product is a supplement that helps to boost energy.

Sleep MicroMyst

This product is a sleep-boosting supplement.

Renew MicroGel

This product is a wellness and joint health microgel.

Neuro MicroCaps

This product is a supplement that boosts the brain by supporting clarity, memory, and cognitive functioning.

Is Vasayo a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

NO. Vasayo MLM is neither a scam nor pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme looks to recruit members based on a promise of payments or services for enrolling others members into the scheme. In this business model there is no sale of a product or investment. The sole purpose is to separate the unsuspecting person from their money.

From the time the company was launched, they’ve been out distributors on time and supplying products to their customers. It is a legit business opportunity that sells real health products.

The company is nont BBB accredited, but is B rated with the BBB. They also have a money-back guarantee and customer support.

This company posted revenues of $80 million in 2018, which is up from $70 million in 2017. For a company founded in 2016, Vasayo has seen rapid growth. I wrote a post about the fastest growing mlm companies and Vasayo just missed the list.

Pros and Cons of Vasayo


  1. The company sells legitimate products that are meant to improve quality of life.
  2. Apart from selling the products, they also offer other money-making opportunities like lifestyle trips, multiple business centers, and team commissions among others.
  3. It is a rapidly growing company in a huge industry – health and wellness.


  1. The products are quite expensive. You also need to spend money to get started.
  2. The earning potential is limited compared to most top multi-level marketing companies.
  3. As with all supplements, be careful with health claims as the FDA has strict guidelines for nutritional supplements. The company doesn’t appear to have any clinical studies or supporting evidence.


Vasayo is a solid company. But if you’re considering joining, be sure to follow some of the tips that I’ve laid out here. It’s just like any other mlm company. If you can successfully market their products and grow your downline, you can earn income.

The company has a solid product line, but be careful with health claims that aren’t backed by clinical evidence. And as with most business opportunities, you get out what you put in.

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  1. Why would you help these crooks?? Please StOp!!! Some of my sweet family got lied to by distributors of monavie and Handed over a ton of money for a bunch of glass bottles full of juice that harmed them instead of helped them. Lies lies lies. Whatever dallin larsen has to “sell” is overpriced garbage. This man should he put in jail. I seriously dont Understand why he’s not in Jail. Boo. Boo. Boo.

    • Thanks for sharing Emily. I can feel your pain. I have never been involved with this opportunity, but I can say that MLM has a very high failure rate. I have been a part of some bad ones in my day too.


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