What is OhmConnect? (2021 Reviews)

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If you’re asking yourself, what is OhmConnect? You’re in the right place.

In this comprehensive review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about OhmConnect. From how much you can earn with this service to the pros and cons of the platform.

Let’s get into it.

What is OhmConnect?

Started in San Francisco, California, OhmConnect is a free service that rewards its users for reducing energy consumption for different environmental reasons. It also pays incentives to users for using less energy during times that matter the most.

If someone is interested in joining this program, they will need to reduce the amount of energy that they consume. They then earn points when they don’t run their washing machine, dishwasher, pool pump, etc. during certain hours of the day.

According to several studies, there are certain peak hours when the consumption of electricity is at its highest.

This program sends you a notification during those hours that it is time to save electricity. As you lower your consumption of energy during those times, you will be compensated with prizes and cash.

How OhmConnect Works?

As I mentioned above, OhmConnect sends a notification to you during those peak hours of energy consumption. You can receive the notification up to 1-5 days in advance.

Once you know when peak hours are, you can turn off the dryer, dishwasher, lights, TV, and other appliances for at least an hour to participate in the #OhmHours.

This program then sells the reduced consumption of this energy to the grid and they receive payments. While the company keeps 20% of the profit, 80% is sent to you the user through PayPal.


OhmHour is a small window of time mostly on a weekday evening, when the energy grid demand is very high. During these times companies would prefer to reward members for reducing their energy rather than consuming.

How to Join OhmConnect

To join this program, you need to register and sign up on the OhmConnect website. At the time of this review there isn’t an app.

What is OhmConnect

You need to fill in the details and supply information about your utility company to OhmConnect.

You also need to provide the Zip code of your location as it helps in determining whether the end-user is eligible for earning prizes or cash.

It is necessary for you to find out details about your electrical provider. If your electrical provider is listed with the company, you will be asked to connect the meter.

This will be useful to the company in receiving data from the meter through a live feed.

If you are not living in any of the listed areas, it is still possible to join the program. In this case, you need to provide a report to OhmConnect about the amount of energy you are saving every month.

You will receive rewards in the form of prizes for the energy, you are saving.

Where is OhmConnect Available?

Right now, this service is only available in Texas, California and Toronto, Canada. And the service works with the following utilities:

  • Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Southern California Edison
  • San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Toronto Hydro

If you live outside the listed areas, you become a member of the Token program.

With this program, you need to provide a self-report to the company about what you are doing regularly to reduce energy consumption.

If you are participating in #OhmHours, you also need to provide a report about what you are doing to save energy during #OhmHours. You’ll earn tokens that can be spent in the company’s Token Marketplace.

On the other hand, if you live in any of the listed areas, the company will ask you to provide them with your credentials to gain access to the smart meter and pull data from it.

California Residents

If you are a resident of California, you need to sign the Customer Information Service Request (CISR) form. This provides authorization to OhmConnect to add the electricity provider as your Demand Response Provider to let them access your meter data.

After receiving the signed CISR form from you, OhmConnect submits it to the electricity provider after which they verify your account.

After the details are verified by your electricity provider, it is sent back to California ISO. And they will provide authorization to OhmConnect for using the energy in the grid, which has been saved by you.

OhmConnect Products

OhmConnect has a number of home thermostats, and smart plugs, which play a vital role in reducing the consumption of energy.

How to Earn With OhmConnect

Here are some ways to earn with OhmConnect:

  • When you connect smart devices of your home to OhmConnect, you will be able to earn up to 300-500 points for every device. The company offers you a payment of $3-$5 for each device.
  • Freezers and fridges consume an ample amount of energy. You can reduce energy significantly by connecting these appliances with a smart plug and hooking up with OhmConnect, which will increase your earnings.
  • It is possible to get up to 5,000 points by raising your level to gold from silver or by increasing it to platinum from Gold. If you take this program seriously, you can reach the platinum level of OhmCnnect in a year.
  • If you refer any friends and they join the program you earn a $20 rewards. According to numerous OhmConnect Reviews, many members have earned hundreds through the referral bonus system.

How To Redeem Points With OhmConnect

After earning $10 or 1000 points, you can cash out your money through PayPal. It is also possible to use the points for purchasing gift cards, worth $20 from the OhmConnect store.

If you put the above-mentioned tips to use, you should expect earnings of around $100-$300 in a year.

Is OhmConnect Legit?

OhmConnect is a solid company and service. According to the Better Business Bureau, OhmConnect has been accredited since 2015 and carries a B+ rating.

The company has also been racking up awards over the past few years. Here are some from the past couple of years:

  • The Alliance to Save Energy awarded OhmConnect with its Dynamic Efficiency Award, 2019
  • Aceterra Business Environmental Award, 2018
  • Smart 50 Awards, 2018

Pros and Cons of OhmConnect


  1. The service is free to join and there is no equipment to install.
  2. Great environmental cause that the company stands for.
  3. When you reduce the energy consumption during those crucial hours at least once or twice every week, you can help the electric grid to stop the use of power plants.
  4. OhmConnect is a service that offers rewards and cash to save energy, which creates positive impact at home and in the world.
  5. The company carries a B+ rating with the BBB.


  1. Some members have complained about poor customer support.
  2. Users have had a hard time earning with the platform despite following energy allotment rules during peak times.
  3. Most members earn on average between $100-$300 per year, which might make the service not very appealing. The effort and energy (no pun intended) might be better used elsewhere.
  4. This service is only available in Texas, California and Toronto, Canada.


The concept with OhmConnect is pretty unique. You save energy, the company pays you.

If you can use some extra income, why not try to make money through conserving and helping the planet at the same time.

With OhmConnect, the service makes it very easy to get started and if you’re environmentally conscious this opportunity might be a no-brainer for you.

Click here to join OhmConnect today and start earning passive income with a legit service that pays you to conserve your energy.

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