12 Easy Stringr Tips That’ll Get You Paid for Your Videos

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With the advent of smartphones and camera phones you can now use apps like Stringr to make cash anytime, anywhere. While making extra money can be tough. This day and age with technology, we have so many money making opportunities at our fingertips.

You can barely go anywhere in public without seeing people snapping pictures or using their cellphones. In fact, this is why the Stringr platform allows you the ability to share content with the media and put money in your bank account.

Before I get into some easy tips for getting paid with your stringr videos as a freelance videographer, first I want to share what stringr is in case you’re not familiar with the platform.

How the Stringr App Works

Stringr is a video app that allows customers to source, edit, publish and make money from shooting video. Currently there are more than 75,000 videographers in their network who respond to custom video requests in near real time.

The company partners with local networks of freelancers and media outlets. When news breaks it notifies users in real-time whenever there is an event that requires the shooting of footage. Then it is up to users to get to the scene, shoot a video, and then upload the footage through the Stringr website or via the app.

Here’s an example of what these requests look like on the app:

Stringr App

To use Stringr, you need a PayPal account and a smartphone. Also, the app can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android devices.

Media users can also conduct a search of the content uploaded based on location, date or keyword. They can also preview the footage before buying.

In case a media outlet likes certain footage, then they can download the HD version. When footage is downloaded, the user gets notified and is paid.

All payments are made through PayPal after two days. PayPal accounts are verified during the registration stage.

12 Easy Tips To Get You Paid For Your Videos on Stringr

As I mentioned, if want to make money as a media content contributor you have to have good footage that media outlets like and want to buy.

Just because you submit a video doesn’t mean your video will get your video selected. So, how can you make sure that you maximize your video efforts so you can make the most out of Stringr?

Here are 12 tips that will separate you from the rest of the pack:

1) Make your shots vivid and steady

Clear and steady shots are very impressive. A tripod can help you take stable shots. Besides, it helps you take a break in between shots without necessarily impacting on the quality by eliminating those jerky movements. Ensuring that your shots are ready for broadcasting can increase your chances of selling.

2) Short videos are very appealing

Rather than taking long videos, opt for short ones. The advantage of short videos is that they are quick to upload. The standard length of shots that you can upload is about 5-30 seconds.

Stringr also recommends that users upload files that not exceed 1 GB. If you must upload large files, then use Miro Video Converter to compress them. The app is available for both Windows and Mac users.

The best output format to use is MP4. When you upload many short videos, Stringr will combine them for you.

3) Emphasize on proper framing

How you compose your shots in different scenes is quite important. The common mistake that most amateur photographers make is to give too much headroom in their shots.

This can lead to wastage of frame space. Remember that action focus always looks great when off-center. Learn to create impressive shots by angling them correctly.

4) Use the best display format

Filming using a phone can be challenging. Sometimes the display formats may not match other devices. To correct the display problem, it is good to keep your phone in a horizontal manner.

The display of your shots should show well on different screens like monitors, TV screens and other mobile devices. Vertical shots can pose display issues when viewed on other devices.

5) Use various types of shots

Incorporating close-up, tight, medium and wide shots are very beneficial. Your shots will be compiled to fit together. Wide shots are good for showing context.

For example, if you’re shooting something about football, then you can include a section of fans entering the stadium or other related scenes. Medium shots are ideal for showing detail like signage and more.

Tight shots are often used for showing granular details like letters used in signage or even individual faces of the people walking around.

6) Pan but cautiously

Panning is good, but it can worsen things if you don’t control. Panning should be done for a short period preferably five seconds. Moreover, when panning, don’t move your camera fast. Movements need to be smooth and steady.

7) Take sequential shots

This is ideal especially when doing B-roll shots in nature shots or crowded scenes. Sequential shots help determine what your viewer will see and also monitor how the story goes. Shots can be done in discrete segments then edited and assembled later.

8) Be careful with zooming

Zooming implies changing the focal length of your camera lens to provide an illusion of getting closer or far away from the target object. Although zooming can appear interesting, it doesn’t always deliver desired results. This magnifies some part of the image and in the process, background objects begin to change with those at the foreground. Which can be easy to zoom, but not with all the cameras. It can be easy to misuse zooming. When not used correctly, it can make your videos useless and not worthy to sell on Stringr.

9) Be creative by using the hold-pan technique

One way of being creative with your shots is by using the hold-on style. Holding your shots for about 15 seconds before panning, zooming or going to another shot can help you create stunning shots. Doing so helps you ensure that you get sufficient videos of the scene when doing your editing work.

It’s very simple, just count the fifteen seconds before and after shooting your videos. After all, you can still trim a long shot into a shot one but can’t extend a short clip. When editing, avoid doing excessive zooming and panning instead hold your shots to those moments that appear captivating. Begin with static wide angle shots then start the holding.

10) Sound is important

We all love shooting videos with sounds, but it also makes sense to use videos without sound. This applies to those videos that viewers can understand by just looking at the pictures. Deleting audio tracks isn’t a good thing even if doesn’t add value to your videos. Most video editors prefer using sound and customers too like videos with good sounds. For example, if you’re taking shots that involve interviewing people on the streets then be sure to use a microphone for sound.

11) When uploading videos, do so one after the other

Uploading video shots can be tricky. It even becomes a big challenge when you upload several shots once. For a smooth upload experience, select one shot at a go. Internet speed also determines how fast the process will be. Using your phone or operating the Stringr app while uploading the videos at the same time can pose problems. It is best to use a computer when uploading your shots. Among the accepted video formats that Stringr accepts are AAC, AVI, MP4, 3GP, and FLV. Still photography is not accepted particularly for news outlets, but this may vary depending on the company in question.

12) Optimized videos are sellable

Search engine optimization (SEO) also applies to Stringr shots. To use SEO you’ll want to add descriptions, titles and keywords for your videos that will increase their exposure.

Remember local TV stations and other users will have to search for the videos they like. This is why it pays to put give yourself every advantage.

When your videos rank high, then you have a high chance of selling your clips. You can also tag your videos to make them grab more attention.

Pros of Using Stringr

1. You can make a handsome amount of money from the platform

By simply using your phone to take and edit content, you can make about $40-$120 or even more an hour. This is a solid amount of money that can supplement your income, especially during your free time.

2. It’s easy, convenient, and easy to use

The app is free to download and you can use it regardless of whether you are an experienced photographer or not. If you are a beginner, you can build your skills along as you enjoy the convenience that the app brings. The ability to receive notifications from your local area is another advantage.

3. Payment and billing is simple

Payment is very simple and trouble free. Once your video is liked and downloaded, you get notified and payment is made within 24 hours. Payments are conveniently made through PayPal. No hassle.

4. It is easy to get your videos selected

For those who understand optimization, it can be easy to get content selected. By investing some time and effort in the keyword, location, and tagging, your videos can be picked quickly. Even if you’re new to the platform, you can still sell your videos fast by making them broadcast ready.

Cons of Using Stringr

Although Stringr promises a great money-making opportunity, it still has its challenges.

1. It doesn’t guarantee you that your videos will sell.

It is up to clients to choose whether they’ll buy it or not.

2. If your videos are not bought, then it means wasted time.

This means you have to hustle and it might not be for the faint of heart.

Apps Like Stringr

If you’re looking for more apps to help you make more money selling video content, here are 5 others that have a good reputation:

  1. Newsflare
  2. Ruptly Stringer app
  3. Newzulu
  4. Sell News
  5. Reporter


All-in-all Stringr is a good platform for if you can see the value in journalistic photography and want to be media content contributor. Not to mention if you have the means to hustle to news stories when they break. You can make hundreds of dollars by simply using your photography skills to sell video content.

To make the most out of the platform, you need to learn some basic photography skills and have a reliable video recording device. Payments are made conveniently through PayPal and does not involve complicated processing. It is definitely a money making opportunity worth trying.

Here’s an EXCELLENT video below on Stringr. Enjoy!

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