PaidViewpoint Review: 10 PaidViewpoint Pros And Cons

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In this PaidViewpoint Review, I will share how this platform stacks up against the endless competition of paid survey sites.

You’ll learn exactly what PaidViewpoint is and everything you need to know before joining this platform.

Let’s get started.

What Is PaidViewpoint?

PaidViewpoint is an online market research platform operated by Ask Your Target Market ( What this platform does is it brings businesses and people together online, so that developers can gather market information necessary for improving their products and ideas.

PaidViewpoint Review

This eliminates the need for knocking on doors or chasing down respondents on the streets like old school survey methods.

Survey and data collection are done online. Respondents answer from the comfort of their own home.

As you know, living in the information age, information is now currency. Business managers need data to make viable decisions and predictions.

They are willing to pay people to obtain this information. And it doesn’t matter by how this information is delivered so long as it is accurate. Let’s take a look at how the platform works.

How Does PaidViewpoint Work?

To begin with, PaidViewpoint is a desktop-only site. There is no app version. To use the site, you must go through a web browser either on your mobile device or laptop/desktop.

The PaidViewpoint panel presents opportunities to businesses to collect data and respondents to earn money by taking surveys online.

To get started on the site, simply go to the PaidViewpoint website to sign up. It’s free and available for use by anyone aged 13 and older.



Once you join the panel, you will take Trait Surveys to get profiled. The site’s algorithms use your responses on the Trait Survey to establish your TrustScore.

If you provide consistent and honest responses to survey questions, your TrustScore improves, and you get paid more. The opposite is also true.

TrustScore is just a measurement of how consistent your responses are. So, you will be asked similar questions repeatedly over some time.

The highest possible TraitScore is 10,000 points. A TraitScore of 9,000 and above will earn you a 10% bonus on all survey questions.

A higher TraitScore means increased earnings because the platform’s algorithms determine whether or not you are the correct demographic for the surveys. So you’ll find that you will get invited to a number of surveys daily.

PaidViewpoints Surveys

The PaidViewpoint surveys are designed to be short, and easy. Once you join the panel, you will start receiving email invitations to online surveys where you will be asked to voice honest opinions and preferences on various subjects.

There are two kinds of surveys on the Paidviewpoint. The Trait Surveys, and the Biz Surveys.

Trait Surveys involve a small collection of personal but easy questions. This information will then determine which Biz surveys you are invited to participate in. It ensures the site never gets boring.

1) No disqualifications

The beauty of PaidViewpoint is that once you are invited to participate in a survey, you can’t get disqualified. And even if you don’t get invited to surveys via email, you can still search the portal for available Trait Surveys as they pay you to take these too.

2) Every click you make counts

You will receive cash rewards for every survey you participate in. Plus, you get to know beforehand how long the survey will take and the amount of money you can make.

PaidViewpoint Referral Program

In addition to making money through surveys, you get money if you bring your friends on board to start using the platform.

How To Join PaidViewpoint

PaidViewpoint is a free to join, online market research platform available to anyone aged 13 years and above. Once you qualify for membership, you also receive a $1 cash bonus.

Joining is easy and quick. You only have to submit verifiable basic information. Once your email has been verified, the $1 cash bonus is deposited into your account and you will be ready to start participating in surveys.

Is PaidViewpoint Legit?

Paidviewpoint is neither a scam nor a pyramid scheme. It’s a solid platform.

A large percentage of user reviews online point to the legitimacy of this platform. Users say that even though it doesn’t pay much money, it’s still legit.

Another complaint is that some users have reported that surveys aren’t as readily available once their payment approaches the minimum $15 cash out threshold.

Otherwise, PaidViewpoint has a solid reputation and has helped people make extra money online.

Better Business Bureau

Both the PaidViewpoint platform and Ask Your Target Market are subsidiaries of Umongous, a limited liability company, which is not rated with the BBB at the time of this review.

AYTM is among the most respected market research portals and has worked with big brands like Nike and NBC.

How Does PaidViewpoint Make Payments?

All surveys on Paidviewpoint are rewarded either financially or through gift cards (such as Walmart, Amazon and others). For cash payments, the minimum amount you can withdraw is $15.

Cash-out payments are delivered to your PayPal or Virtual Incentives account.

You just have to verify your PayPal account, then click on the CashOut Now button on the site, and you will receive a notification saying your money is going to be in your PayPal account in 72 hours.

Usually, it takes only 24 hours and you will receive your cash from PaidViewpoint.

How PaidViewpoint Is Different From Competitors

PaidViewpoint is arguably one of the top 5 online survey platforms out there. There are no restrictions on locations and they currently operate in over 200 countries.

Here’s a look at how Paidviewpoint stands out from the competition.

1) No disqualifications.

When responding to survey questions for payment on other survey sites, you may get disqualified from the survey midway. Expect no such shenanigan when using PaidViewpoint.

The reason for this is because of the TraitScore algorithm, which determines if you are the right demographics for the survey. All surveys give rewards.

2) PaidViewpoint is big on privacy.

PaidViewpoint takes your privacy seriously. You can participate in surveys anonymously.

And as long as you provide information, the panel does not require your real name. So, privacy is good with the platform.

You don’t have to sign up using your legal name or full address. Only your birthdate, zip code, and other basic demographics info, which have to be verifiable.

3) Reasonable hourly earnings potential, but not enough surveys per day.

What determines your earnings potential on survey platforms is the amount of money you can make per hour and the number of surveys you can take per day.

When it comes to earnings per hour, PaidViewpoint pays better than the competition on average. You can around $4-$6 per hour spent taking surveys.

Below is a tweet from a guy who says to have made decent income on the site.

The biggest challenge is, there just aren’t enough surveys per day to go around to earn a significant amount of cash.

How To Make Money With PaidViewpoint

Every survey on the PaidViewpoint platform pays rewards. The only caveat is that the cash rewards are not huge. And the platform is upfront about this.

They have a message saying they are not some get rich quick site. Just a platform to make a few extra dollars on the side.

Daily Trait Surveys pay anywhere from 3 cents to 10 cents, while Biz surveys pay 25 cents to $1.50. To improve your earnings on PaidViewpoint, you have to increase your TraitScore.

Here’s how:

1) Put in some time each day.

PaidViewpoint surveys are financially rewarding. But don’t expect big money. As I mentioned, Daily Trait Surveys pay only 3 cents to 10 cents per survey.

The good news is that they are short, easy, and contribute to your TraitScore. That way, if you put in a little more each day, your TraitScore improves, and you get invited to more Biz surveys and earn bonuses.

2) Don’t skip surveys.

Take all the surveys they send you. Make sure your answers are consistent, and gradually, your TraitScore will increase and you will see those bonuses start coming in.

3) Use the referral program.

With the referral program, you can invite members to earn more cash. For every member that you invite you can earn a total of $25.

With the referral program, you have the opportunity to earn 20% on everything they earn. Some ways to invite friends could be through social media, via email, or creating a personal referral link to make introductions and invitations.

PaidViewpoint VIP Program

Lastly, here’s what you need to know about the PaidViewpoint VIP program. The platform has protocols in place that once you bring in more than 100 people to the program, you achieve VIP status.

The privileges of VIP membership on the PaidViewpoint platform is that you don’t have to wait for your people to cash out to receive your 20% commission. You can cash it out at any time.

Pros and Cons of PaidViewpoint


  1. Free to join this platform with no regional restrictions.
  2. Anonymity is possible and the company takes privacy very seriously.
  3. Interesting surveys that are engaging.
  4. Great hourly earnings potential.
  5. Excellent referral program to maximize earnings.
  6. Quick payments and no disqualifications from surveys.


  1. No mobile site and you can only go on through a web browser.
  2. A limited number of surveys are available per day.
  3. Some users say the “take your TraitScore to 9000+ to earn more” mantra doesn’t work.
  4. The company has a TrustScore of 2.6 out of 5 on TrustPilot, which is poor. TrustPilot is a review platform.


PaidViewpoint is a solid platform for making some side income. I wouldn’t rely on it for making a full-time income though. But if you’re interested in a reliable site that has found solutions to other survey sites’ shortcomings, then this platform might fit the bill for you.

With no disqualifications and an opportunity to increase your earnings over time by increasing your Trust Score, this website has found a way to make surveys engaging and keep members coming back. For this reason, I recommend giving it a try if you’re looking for a site you can count on.

I’ll leave you with a good video overview of the site and a person who is making decent income using PaidViewpoints. Enjoy!

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