Monat Unbiased Review: Is Monat a Scam?

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In this Monat unbiased review I’m going to touch on the question, is Monat a scam? Just so you know, I’m not involved in this opportunity in any way so I don’t have a horse in the race.

My goal here is to help you with you due diligence if you’re interested in joining this company. If you use their products you already have one foot in the door. But is their compensation plan worth it? Keep reading this review to find out.

What is Monat?

Monat is a multi-level marketing company that sells a variety of naturally-based hair care products. The company is based in Doral, Florida. Monat was founded in 2014 by Urdaneta family.

Since its establishment, it has grown to be a multi-million dollar company. It has expanded its operations through Canada, US, and the EU. The company came up with their name Monat from two words—Modern and Nature.

Monat MLM Opportunity and How to Join

Just like most MLM companies, Monat offers you an opportunity to participate in their multi-level marketing program. You can join by going to the Monat website.

When signing up, you choose the type of package that works best for you. Membership packages start from as low as $99 and as high as $649.

The membership packages are renewable on a monthly basis and include new products which are shipped to you. The starter kit includes marketing and training materials, and various product samples.

Monat offers three ways to join the program. You can join as a:

  1. Retail customer
  2. Market Partner
  3. VIP Club Member

Retail Customer costs $99 plus taxes and shipping costs. This option is backed by a full 30-day money-back warranty for all purchases.

VIP Club is a one-time cost of $19.99. You also get 15% off and free shipping for your products with every shipping order.

As a Market Partner you qualify for a 30% discount. You can also win a free Cadillac and incentive trips at this level. There is also no inventory to keep or monthly quotas. In this option, there are many product savings with the product packages that are offered.

The Overachiever pack, which goes at $649, has the highest savings of up to 50% off. The Success and Business Product Pack cost $399 and $299 and can save you up to 46% and 40% off.

Best-Selling Monat Products

The company claims to sell products that work and are available for all skin types, gender, and age. Although there are claims that their products haven’t gone through FDA approval, those who’ve used the products have mostly claimed that they’ve had positive results.

Some of their top products include:

  • Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive
  • Renew Shampoo
  • Intense Repair Shampoo
  • Monat Black Shampoo Plus Conditioner
  • The Champ Dry Shampoo and many more

Here’s a tweet from a happy customer.

Monat Compensation Plan

There are different ranks in Monat program. They include:

  • Market Partner, which is the basic level
  • Associate market partner
  • Lead market partner
  • Managing market partner
  • Associate market partner
  • Market builder
  • Managing market builder

Monat offers five ways that you can earn income.

First, you have the VIP and Retail Sales that can give you up to 15% on sales to VIP customers and 30% for sales made to the retail customers. Selling to customers offers higher commissions.

Second, there are the Uni-level Commissions. You earn these commissions when you sponsor others to be part of the Monat Market Partners program. At this level you get compensated for their purchases.

The earnings potential here depends on your level and the number of people you have in your downline.

When you sponsor someone and that person brings in new partners, then you increase your earnings. If you can make it to the top level of Managing Market Builder, you can earn up to 29% in commissions.

You qualify for group volume bonuses once you reach the Managing Market Builder level. It is a 2% override on everyone in your downline. The higher up the levels you go, the more generation bonuses you earn. These go up to five levels totaling to 20%.

Here’s a video that goes into detail on the compensation plan.

How to Make Money With Monat

I just touched on the comp plan. Basically if you want to make money with Monat you have to sell products and sponsor more people. These are the two ways to make money.

It’s no secret that the more people you share the opportunity with, the higher likelihood of growing your business. I’ll take it one step further. The more qualified people you share this with, the better off you’ll be.

But before hurrying to share, consider the importance of the products you’re selling. Identify who can benefit from the products and niche it down. Maybe you’re going to talk to beauty salon owners. Niche it down.

Just like any sales role, you have to build rapport with prospects and remember that the money is in the follow up. I’d avoid being pushy with family and friends and go after people who are looking for what you’re promoting. When you marry the two you’re likelihood of success increases drastically.


Sponsoring is the best way to grow your Monat business. This involves building a team of individuals who are also interested in growing their business.

Team building may sound challenging and is often associated with only friends and family members. As I mentioned, I’d go beyond that old model.

If you change your perspective on team building, you can really explode your business and increase your earnings. Focus on team building with your downline.

Is Monat a Scam?

Although there are mixed reactions to the products offered by this company, it is not a scam. The company relies on market partners who sell products to make income and stand behind real products.

So far, they have a lot of partners who’ve made successful income through by selling the products. It’s no different from any other MLM company that actively sells products and recruits people.

Even though some complaints have been filed to BBB, most of them are attributed to the products which is normal.

Monat is one of the fastest growing mlm companies out there. The company posted revenue of $314 million (667% growth year-over-year) and in 2016 revenue of $41 million.

Pros and Cons of Monat


  • It is a growing company with multiple signs up options.
  • Since opening in 2014, the company has expanded to three countries.
  • Their compensation plan is strong with great commissions and bonuses.
  • Their program is easy to follow and make money.
  • The company has high quality products.


  • There are multiple lawsuits filed against the company for damages caused by their products.
  • There are complaints that their refund periods take longer than expected.


Hopefully in this Monat unbiased review you can see that this is a legit business and offers people an opportunity to supplement their income. It is just like any other MLM company and is in its early growth stages.

With this platform, you can grow with a company in a strong industry. It’s a good idea to try out their products. And if you find have good results, this this will allow you to share your experience first hand with prospects.

2 thoughts on “Monat Unbiased Review: Is Monat a Scam?”

  1. this is absurdly biased, you did not include any actual information, sources, or a dissenting view. This is all a thinly veiled ploy to get more people to sign up for monat and that makes me sick.
    talk about how the issue is the need to buy yourself in, talk about the people who go broke from this, talk about complaints of hair loss and even baldness. do your own due diligence.

    • Hi Casiday – I am not involved in this opportunity. To your point, people do go broke in MLM as they do in most businesses for that matter. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences for others.


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