2 Free MLM Prospecting Scripts to Help You Sponsor New Reps

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In the world of direct sales, mlm prospecting scripts without doubt can bring out more anxiety than any other part of the business. Just the idea of calling someone and the thought of getting the phone hung up on you can be very intimidating.

No one wants to feel like a telemarketer. But the truth is, unless you have an automated system that closes your prospects for you, you’ll probably need to hop on the phone at some point. And if you have a script that converts prospects into distributors, your life is much easier.

Well, I’ve got your back.

Here I’m going to share with you my personal scripts that I’ve used inside of my business to bring people into my opportunity. The first script is my prospecting script and then my closing script after you get the prospect to take some kind of action…

So take notes here and customize these templates to put to use in your own business… and watch you downline grow!

First, here’s my prospecting script for a lead. Here’s how I speak to them on the phone. You’ll want to get it to the point where you memorize this. But in the beginning… practice reading it word-for-word.

Before we get into it… Remember to relax, smile and dial. Think of this as dialing for dollars. And when you talk to your customers, try to smile as it will project in your voice.

Ok here we go…

MLM Prospecting Script

Hello is ___________ available (or if it sounds like the same sex of the name you are looking for: ___name___?

Hi __________, this is John giving you a call from my home office here in Queens, New York- how are you doing tonight?


The reason for my call is that I see here you were looking for some ways to make real money working from home…

Are you still open to lucrative business opportunities?

Excellent ___________, you know one of the things I do here from my home office is introduce serious people like yourself to what many believe is the fastest growing business opportunity in America today

So with that said ______________ let me ask you a question…

If I could honestly show you a way to earn real money right in a global 7 trillion dollar industry- would that be worth 25 minutes of your
time tonight to find out how to get that done?


Go grab a pen and paper and let me know when you have that

Ok, great…

The first thing I want you to have is my name, I will be the person helping you make your first $2,500 in this business my name is John Doe.

And my direct telephone number is (123) 456-7890.

Now _________ I am really glad I got in touch with you today, because we are actually having a business briefing this evening with open minded entrepreneurs like yourself from all over the country everyone is coming to find out how they can cut themselves a piece of
this 7 trillion dollar industry and we are very privileged to be able to hear from ____________ and_________ tonight these two professionals are absolutely incredible now tonight’s briefing is at 7:00 EST you’ll be able to make that right?

Great now here is the number to get you on that call

Now _________  I am very serious about what I do and I make the assumption by you being on the phone here with me that you are just as serious- is that a correct assumption on my part?

Ok, then I will ask you two small commitments- 1 join me on the call tonight and 2 call me back at my home office number RIGHT after the call and give me your opinion is that fair?


The idea is to get the prospect to take some type of action. Once you get those small commitments, you’re more likely to get a bigger commitment in the future.

Next, here’s my closing script after I’ve gained their commitment for the next step…

MLM Closing Script (After a Presentation)

Hello, ____________.  This is __________.  So we had a chance to listen to/watch the ________ Presentation?

The seminars and training is fantastic.  Anyway, let me ask you a question… when you were listening/watching the presentation did you find yourself paying more attention to the product/service or the business opportunity?


Well…let me give you some background about me and why I got involved…(Give a 2 or 3 min story about yourself).

3 Minute Story

Step 1: Who are you, where did you come from & what is your life experience 2-3 sentences.

Step 2: What were you looking for in relation to your product?

Step 3: What got your attention about this product?

Step 4: What were your skepticism/price issues?

Step 5: How did you overcome these feelings?

Step 6: What has been the result?

Step 7: (Only use if your business has an opportunity for them to market) Why are you marketing it?

Now let me go over exactly what you receive when you get registered with our program; can you grab a pen and paper?

You get a website, your own back office as well as a distributor site and the cost is only $___ with a $__monthly maintenance fee

You will have access to a company ______ headquartered in ________, that last year the company did X amount in sales, this company is publicly traded under the ticker _____  has ___K consumers in the U.S.

If you would like they can even show you how to share this product with other people. This company has been in business for over _ years.  This product was actually developed as a result of the internet boom.

Describe the Company

Talk more about the company, background and packages that they offer. Add some juicy stuff too.

  • The reason this company was developed, they…. The company was founded in… and …
  • The total cost for the package and the opportunity for you to share it with others is only a one-time fee of $___ and a $__ monthly maintenance fee.


Okay, now that we talked about the money a little bit, let’s talk about the _____ industry and the business opportunity. What kind of questions can I answer for you so far?

(answer one or two of their questions then continue)

Okay, now that we’ve talked about this opportunity and we’ve answered all of your questions how will you be getting started today (and be quiet)?

(Now is the time to overcome any objections if they say they aren’t ready to join because of ______.) If they are ready to join, great! Get them started. If not…

Respond by saying:

I understand how you feel, other distributors felt the same way in the beginning but what they found when they joined was…


Ok, so that’s an idea of the closing script and what you’ll want to do is close for the business at the end. Sometimes they won’t be ready and that’s fine. But you’ll want to be assumptive when you close.

I’ve even gotten aggressive to the point where I’ll ask questions such as:

Ok, so which credit card are you looking to use today to get started?

Or, will that be Visa or MasterCard to get you going today.

Also, sound enthusiastic. If you aren’t excited about this business, your prospect won’t feed off that energy.

NOTE: If the prospect isn’t ready to move forward, which is common remember that the money is also in the follow up. Keep in touch with the prospect and keep them engaged and you’d be surprised. You have to be persistent in this business.


MLM prospecting scripts can be a great tool for helping you become more efficient with closing prospects over the phone. If you’re system isn’t automated, you should definitely be calling your prospects and putting these scripts to use.

I know so many network marketers who are intimidated of the phones. They will let leads collect dusts simply because they are too scared to call. Don’t let this happen to you.

Now you’re armed with what it takes to be a closer and take your business to the next level.

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