10 Lucktastic App Pros and Cons

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Have you’ve tried a number of money making apps on your phone? Then chances are you’ve heard of the Lucktastic app.  Especially if online scratch off and lottery-type games are your thing, then this is probably not new to you.

If it is new to you, then you’re you’re about to learn all there is to know about scratching off tickets and earning cash on the Lucktastic app. And if you’ve heard of it before, in a minute I’ll share some new tricks and tips.

What is Lucktastic

Lucktastic is a free smartphone app owned by Jump Ramp Games. The app offers you a chance to exchange your time for money.

With Lucktastic, you can win any amount ranging from tens to hundreds and even thousands of dollars in cash and tokens which can be redeemed for entries and gift cards. The tokens also qualify you to enter into big contests and sweepstakes where you can win huge sums of money.

Lucktastic is just like regular scratch-off games, the only difference is that you earn the cards by using the app. When scratching off your card, you need to hold your finger on the screen then swipe back and forth.

After scratching your first card, the app will direct you through the next steps. Remember that each card carries a different reward and for you to unlock a reward, you need to match three winning symbols.

How to Get Started

To get started, you need to download the app and install it on your smartphone. Before playing, there are some steps to complete. First, you’ll be asked to confirm whether you’re a resident of the United States by entering your ZIP code.

The app requires you to share your location. After the installation and confirmation, you can then start playing the game. There are no additional complicated signup processes required.

The ZIP code is only needed when you’re using the app for the first time. In case you’re a returning user, then you don’t have to go through the same procedure instead you just need to log in.

The good thing about the app is that you won’t lose your winnings even if you didn’t register. All your tokens are winnings are saved.

Be Sure to Register

However, the only challenge is that you cannot redeem the rewards if you’re not registered. To get registered, you need an email address and other personal details like your name.

If you may want to skip all these procedures, you can simply register using your Facebook account. Unfortunately, using your Facebook to register can mean exposing your privacy. Therefore, it is recommended to use the normal registration process.

How to Make Money 

Making money with Lucktastic is all about luck. Every day, you get some nice themed scratch-off tickets. You can play for either tokens or hard currency.

  • Depending on your preference, you can scratch off games of up to $25,000 in cash every day.
  • Tokens can enter you into contests where you can win up to $250,000.
  • Among the prizes, you can win include video game consoles, kitchen appliances, phones, TVs, sponsored vacations and many more.

If you prefer tokens, you can earn them by tapping on the ‘Get More Tokens’ button on the dashboard. There are apps that you can download to win tokens.

With the tokens, you can redeem them and get up to $5-$50 off your purchases at stores such as Nike, Kohl’s Walmart, Sephora, Amazon, GameStop and many more.

Is Lucktastic Legit?

You may be wondering is this app for real and can you really make some serious money. Also, the fact that this app is free might raise some eye brows.

Well with Lucktastic all of those ads are what make the app go. It’s no different than so many apps that make their money selling advertising.

Before even accessing a scratch card, you need to watch a video ad. When using Lucktastic, you’ll have to go through several ads before finally earning your token.

Each ad can take up to 15 or 30 seconds after which you can scratch your ticket. Then if you win, you can claim your reward.


Although most of the scratch-off tickets are free to play, they do come with some requirements. Before you scratch them, you will be required to share them on Facebook and even subscribe to others on YouTube. It is also not always guaranteed that you must win even after fulfilling all the requirements.

If you invest your time well on the app, you might make some money. You can focus on day and night tickets or supplement it with the referral program or app installation to get extra tokens. It can take you about 15-20 minutes a day to complete your tickets. On a good day, you can clear hundreds of tokens.

How it Works

You can use the tokens you accumulate to scratch more tickets. The token number per every scratching ticket varies depending on the ticket value.

This process of purchasing tickets using the tokens you’ve accumulated is termed as scratch-game. Normally, the scratch game is all about matching 3 out of 6 symbols below every token that you hit.

You claim your prize if you match the symbols but in case you don’t, then you can still receive bonus tokens. It is the bonus tokens, that can help keep you playing the game.

The tokens can be redeemed, but only after reaching a specific number. You cannot convert tokens into cash. Scratching the tickets can is the only way to earn you cash that you can get paid.

Can You REALLY Make Anything With Lucktastic?

Lucktastic is just like any other lottery game. How much you can make from the app is based on how lucky you are. You cannot simply foretell how much you can earn.

However, the app claims the amount you can win instantly is about $10,000. Up to now, they claim there are about 220,000 winners who’ve made away with a total of $3 million.

Lucktastic Odds

The odds of winning, particularly for the instant scratch cards is determined by the number of players involved. The website clarifies that winning odds vary based on entries received.

There have been mixed reports about earning money with Lucktastic. While others complain that they’ve not earned anything more than a dollar, others say they have made fortunes from the app. It just comes down to trying your luck.

How and When Can You Get paid?

You can either get paid after a few days if you earn or not get paid at all if you don’t cash in anything. Lucktastic offers multiple payment methods such as mailed checks, Dwolla, Visa Gift Cards, Best Buy Gift Cards, and AMEX Gift Cards.

Lucktastic Cheats and Tricks to Increase Your Odds

1) In-App Offers

There are in-app offers that can qualify you to for a chance to winning on Lucktastic. Every day between 1-5pm EST, the site offers scratch card bonuses.

To get these offers, you need to turn on the app notifications. When you’re notified in real time, you can grab these offers and increase your chances of making money.

2) The Referral Program

The referral program is another feature that can help increase your earnings. Whenever you refer someone to download and use the app, you are rewarded with tokens which are credited into your account.

3) Bonuses

The app also has another page where you can install and run selected applications. Installing these apps can qualify you for bonuses that are relatively higher than what you can get on a ticket. It is advisable to be careful when downloading these apps. Download only the games and apps you trust.

4) Bonus Cards

If you are a resident of the east coast, then there are bonus cards. They are available in the afternoons. Just enable the notifications tab because you don’t know when new offers will be launched. In the evenings at around 9 pm, new scratch cards are released.

These are very different from those you can find during the day. If you can spare some time to check, then you land on attractive offers that can earn you more prizes.

5) Daily Rewards

For daily rewards, ensure that you play at least one scratch game in not more than four days. This can earn you daily reward bonuses.

You may not know, on the fifth day you can qualify for a good reward that includes tokens, sweeps entries, prizes, and cash. In every scratch game that you play, you can earn about 150-500 bonus tokens. To earn the most rewards in this game, you need to play more.

6) Being an Ambassador

The other way to earn more on Lucktastic is by being a college ambassador. Anyone above the age of 13 can play on Lucktastic. The app is also good for college students who are looking for an additional way to make money. By being an ambassador of Lucktastic, you can earn gift cards, free stickers, apparels and pens and many more.

Is Lucktastic a Scam?

For the most part, the app isn’t a scam. It is safe to play and many people have made money out of it.  However, it is based on luck. And I wouldn’t depend on it as a reliable source income. More-so just entertainment.

Who Can Use Lucktastic App?

The Lucktastic app is made for people who like playing the online lottery without necessarily spending a dime. Businesses and brands who want to put up ads can also benefit from the app.

In fact, with Lucktastic a business can engage a lot of people by just using the ads. Various types of ads can be used on the app including videos and more.

Pros of Using Lucktastic

1) The app is completely free and fun.

Just download it and start playing. It can be quite addictive. And unlike some offline lottery games where you actually have to spend a couple of dollars, here you’re not out of any money when you start using the app.

2) The scratch games are not complicated. 

Each game takes only a few seconds to complete. Besides, you can play as many scratch cards as you can every day with various prizes and the app is very easy to use.

3) Each game you play earns you instant cash or prizes.

You can redeem the reward tokens that you earn with each game. The prizes can be redeemed at any of the specified stores.

4) You can get bonus scratch cards from 1-5pm EST and even after 9pm.

These can help increase your chance of earning.

5) There are no strict withdrawal requirements involved.

In the event that you should win some money, even if you have only $1, you can request a payout through Dwolla. Gift cards worth $2 can also be redeemed.

6) If you don’t win a cash prize, you are still allowed to earn bonus tokens.

The tokens are not cash convertible, but you can redeem them and get gifts cards.

7) You don’t have to spend anything for you to play Lucktastic.

As I mentioned earlier, this makes it very unique from other platforms that require you to risk your money. Here you basically join and start playing for free.

Cons of Using Lucktastic

8) One of the biggest drawbacks of Lucktastic is that winning is all based on luck.

There is no guarantee that you’ll play and win money apart from using the tokens you have to play. It means the app may not be suitable in case you are looking for a stable source of income. Besides, you need a lot of tokens to exchange and get gift cards. This may not be so much desirable.

9) The platform is full of ads which is another thing that pisses most people off.

Even though this is how the app functions, it would have been better if the app didn’t require users to watch the 30-second videos before starting the scratch game.

Only U.S. residents can use and play scratch games on Lucktastic. It would have been fun if the app was available to people from around the world.

10) App Crashes

One challenge with the app is that sometimes the app can crash when loading an ad. It may also happen when you’re about to hold and scratch a ticket.


Lucktastic is fun to play. Anyone interested in lottery games including teens, adults and college students can play the game for free and get rewarded.

Despite being a luck game, the app can be can be a source of additional income. If lottery and scratch off is your thing, why not give it try. All you lose is some spare time and you never know. You might win something.

I researched a few videos online that review Lucktastic and came across a pretty good one. Take a look:

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