Kyle and Carson Wealthy Affiliate Review

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In this Kyle and Carson Wealthy Affiliate review, I’m going to talk about a platform that is all over the internet. Just about everybody out there is promoting this affiliate marketing training platform.

In fact, I stumbled onto an affiliate link to this offer only to see that I signed up about 7 years ago and forgot. Crazy.

With so many get rich quick schemes and scams online you might be asking yourself – Is this training resource worth it or simply all hype? Well, let’s find out in this unbiased review as I hold nothing back.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a community, a social network, and affiliate marketing training platform. It was founded in 2005 by two Canadians—Kyle and Carson.

It teaches internet marketers how to create a successful online business centered around the affiliate marketing model so you can earn passive income.

So far, at the time of this review this platform has over 1.4 million members and is in 193 countries. It initially started as a database of keywords for Pay Per Click (PPC), but later ventured into Internet marketing and more specifically affiliate marketing.

Who are Kyle and Carson

Kyle and Carson are both veteran internet marketers. They are both very hands on and work closely with members of their program.

Kyle is known as the community guy and focuses on the marketing, training, and course materials inside the program.

While Carson handles more of the tech/design stuff within the Wealthy Affiliate program and is one of the co-founders.

Together they have 20+ staff members who assist in various roles to help them grow their company.

How Wealthy Affiliate Works

The Wealthy Affiliate platform provides various learning programs for both readers and visual learners. The platform offers easy-to-follow training, which is made up of lessons and courses.

The first course is termed as Online Entrepreneur Certification and has 10 lessons that focus on familiarizing you with different affiliate marketing concepts.

It also incorporates action-based items that you must complete. As well as badges, checkpoints and milestones to keep you engaged. When joining you also get to engage with other users and the founders.


The Online Entrepreneur Certification is a 5 phase (50 lesson) series of courses. You’ll need to register for a paid premium courses for full access.

The 5 phases of the course teach you:

  1. Get the ball rolling. Getting started.
  2. Build your own site and get traffic.
  3. Monetize your site and make money.
  4. Master social engagement.
  5. Create engaging content that gives value.

Live Training Program

Wealthy Affiliate also offers a weekly live training program that teaches various topics and shares step-by-step guides. Each webinar features both beginner and advanced topics.

The thing I like most about Wealthy Affiliate is that this program doesn’t have upsells. The only upsells you will see is going from free to premim membership.
It is so annoying when marketers upsell you down a rabbit hole to buy more stuff. Not the case here.

Each training is recorded for future reference if you aren’t able to attend the live training.

Members who have been on board for a while get to add their own training in the members area. This helps to create great learning opportunities for other members as well.


Wealthy Affiliate has a Keyword Tool that gives you the ability to do keyword research for your content. The tool helps you understand what people are typing into Google and which keywords are best to create content on to increase your chances of getting organic traffic in the search engine.


Along with the Keyword tool, they also have Site Builder (SiteRubix), which is a tool that helps you build a website. SiteRubix helps to eliminate tech issues that come into play with building a WordPress blog. In four simple steps you can get your site created.

Domain Names

Site Domains is their tool that allows you to buy domains names straight from Wealthy Affiliate platform. It is very easy to use and makes finding a good domain name and purchasing one pretty simple.

How to Join Wealthy Affiliate

It is easy to join Wealthy Affiliate (affiliate link). You can choose between two membership options which include the Starter (which is free) and Premium membership. The Premium membership is $49 per month or $359 for the year.

Kyle and Carson Wealthy Affiliate Review

When done filling out your basic details, you can add your profile picture and a small description. This helps to customize your profile and make it easy for you to network. You can keep your free membership for as long as you want, but as I mentioned you’ll have limited access to the trainings.

How to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

With just 4 easy steps, you can be on your way to earning money with Wealthy Affiliate. The steps include finding a profitable niche, building a website, creating traffic and earning revenue.

1) Find a niche

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the freedom to choose anything you’re interest in. Meaning you get to do what you’re most passionate about.

When choosing your niche, they walk you through their methods for picking the right niche so that you can earn income. Targeting the right audience is very important.

2) Build a website

Whether it’s your first time building a website or you’ve done it before, Wealthy Affiliate shows you how. The platform guides you on how to build a site in minutes.

They have countless themes and other customization features to help you build a great website. They have a 24/7 support service to make sure you get your website up and running.

3) Drive traffic

In order to earn revenue, you need traffic. It’s just like any other affiliate platform.

There is the keyword research tool that can help you choose the right keywords to attract the right visitors that’s built into the platform. Using the keyword tool, you can target popular keywords that have less competition.

You also learn how to write quality content that will bring in traffic. When creating content, one thing that they stress is making your content valuable and not focusing only on trying to sell.

4) Earn money

After directing the audience to the products and services they need through your affiliate link, you earn a commission. The amount you can make with Wealthy Affiliate depends on how much traffic you can drive to your site and how well that traffic converts.

Earn as an affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate also offers an affiliate program. As I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to look for long before you come across someone promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

You can earn commissions for promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program after you join. Inside the area you can get your affiliate link and start promoting. When someone signs up through your link, you get paid.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. It is a legit program that is designed for affiliate marketers of all levels. With more than 120 detailed course lessons, video tutorials, weekly webinars, and one-on-one mentorship programs, Wealthy Affiliate is simply worth a try.

It gives you all the tools and support that you need to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Pros and Cons


  • The platform is free to join.
  • It makes affiliate marketing fun since it provides all the tools you need, training and more in one place.
  • The platform is user-friendly.
  • The content and training they provide is updated on a regular basis.
  • They have very good customer support.
  • They have a great community where you can mastermind with other like-minded individuals who are in it to help you.


  • Although the programs offered are good for affiliate marketers, they appear more targeted towards beginners and intermediate affiliate marketers.
  • The work from home niche is very saturated, which makes it a competitive niche. They recommend this niche for promoting Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate.
  • Not really free and there is a monthly free unless you pay upfront for the year.
  • Tons of training can be overwhelming for newbies and lend itself to analysis paralysis.


Wealthy Affiliate is a solid program for those who want to make money with affiliate marketing and earn some passive income. The program shares all of the resources that you need to be successful built into the platform.

You’ll see tons of ads out there for Wealthy Affiliate and that’s for good reason. Not only has it been around for a long time, but you have a ton (1.4 million users) out there all benefiting from the training.

I recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate (affiliate link) and try to apply what you learn. There are tons of successful members who can also help you if you get stuck.

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