10 Swagbucks Pros and Cons: Is Swagbucks Legit and Worth It?

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Is Swagbucks Legit

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably wondering is Swagbucks legit and can you really earn money by using the site. Well you’ve come to the right place.

Here I’m going to share with you exactly what Swagbucks is all about, if it’s legit and the real ways to make money using the site.

When you’re done reading my goal is to remove all doubts because let’s face it, there’ s a lot of nonsense out there. Ok, let’s go. So first question,…

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What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is an Internet search engine (powered by Yahoo) and a cashback website. The site pays you whenever you use it to search the Internet, answer surveys, and everyday activities such as shopping online.

Although it might sound questionable, there are many people seem out there who are making money from the site.

The company rewards you with digital points called SB. The points are redeemable for either gift cards or merchandise. Swagbucks claims to have paid out more than 300 million dollars to its members.

It is one of the largest reward websites out there with more than 15 million users.

How Swagbucks Works

Swagbucks is free to join and the sign-up process is pretty simple. To sign up, you need to visit the Swagbucks website or signup through the app.

All you need is to fill out a signup form where you’ll provide your email address and password. After signing up, you get a $5 welcome bonus.

New users who use referral links to join Swagbucks are rewarded with 500 SB. You can redeem your points for a gift card to use on major stores like Amazon.

How to Earn Swagbucks and Bonuses

Using the site to do an online search will earn you random SB points. You can earn any number of points ranging from tens to hundreds. One way you can increase your points quickly is by referring your friends to Swagbucks.

NOTE: You earn points when a friend you refer joins only when they complete the requirements. You receive 10% of your friend’s points on any points they earn. The points will accumulate up to the time you redeem your points.

9 Ways You Can Make Money on Swagbucks

In addition to searching the internet, there are other ways you can make money on Swagbucks. These include:

1) Shopping Online

You can earn Swagbucks by shopping. Remember it’s not just normal online shopping, but using the website or app to do the shopping.

Also, you can use Swagbucks’ browser extension. This will notify you in case the websites you visit to do shopping offers Swagbucks.

2) Answering Surveys

Influencing brands and answering surveys can earn you gift cards. Most of these survey are short and can take about 10-20 minutes depending on the length and number of the survey questions. On average, each survey pays you around 75 SB.

How long each survey takes and how many points you can earn are all provided. The answers you provide when completing the surveys can either increase or decrease your future chances of participating in those surveys.

The good thing is that Swagbucks will give you survey questions from a niche that is a good fit for you based on your preferences.

One last thing on surveys is, before taking part in the survey, you will be required to confirm that you will provide honest answers otherwise you risk losing your Swagbucks account.

3) Watching TV Programs

If you love watching new stuff to learn or entertainment, then this could be a great opportunity to make some money with Swagbucks. The company has partnered with Reuters, Hulu and Food Network to give you video content.

When you watch videos, you earn SB points. The videos are usually short and last about 2-3 minutes. Each video is usually worth about 1-3 SB points.

4) Search for codes

Swag codes are text strings that can qualify you to earn Swagbucks. The strings are not easy to get because they are only offered during certain times. Each Swag code carries a predetermined number of points.

One way to earn codes is by downloading the Google Chrome Extension. You will get an alert on where to find the code.

It could be on social channels like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or even the Swagbucks blog. The codes are redeemable on the Swagbucks website.

5) Sign up and get offers

This is one of the best ways to earn money on Swagbucks. When you discover special offers from Swagbucks and its partners, you can earn rewards.

Each offer comes with its own guidelines. It’s important that you read the rules of each offer to understand how they work.

6) Play Games

Swagbucks offers free games that you can play and get rewarded with free gift cards. Swago (a bingo inspired game) is one of the games that involve completing patterns.

When you complete a small pattern, you earn about 5 points. When you complete big patterns you can earn up to 500 points. You can play the game for a week each month.

7) Use Coupons

On Swagbucks you can always find coupons. The coupons can be printed from the Swagbucks website. Use the coupons to make purchases at a store. You can earn up to 10 SB for every coupon that you print and redeem.

8) Participate in Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes allow you to gamble and come away with lots of prizes. Swagbucks rewards a ton of members who win sweepstakes raffles every month. In fact, there are over 25,000 members who participate in the program. Every sweepstakes entry lets you gamble for 1-50 points.

9) Achieve your daily goal and get rewarded

The site sets daily goals for its users. If your goal is 20 SB points and you achieve it consecutively for a week, then you qualify for additional SB points.

When you complete 6 out of 8 of your daily target, then you can earn between 1-4 bonus points.

The points are added to what you already have for all the offer cards you complete.

Some of the tasks that people go the craziest to complete are daily Internet searches, the daily watch, gold surveys, the daily poll and daily crave. Here’s a breakdown of these tasks:

  1. Daily polls require you to answer quick poll questions. They are both fun and interesting to take part in. The questions take not more than 10 seconds to complete and can earn you SB points.
  2. Daily search is simple. You can find it in your To Do list. It requires you to use the suggested search term provided and your goal will be accomplished.
  3. For Daily Watch, just pick a video (of about 6 minutes) and watch it.
  4. Daily Crave gets you credit for completing Ncrave task. To do this, open Ncrave card provided in the Ncrave below the Watch section. There is also a Daily Crave link that you are provided. You can click on it directly to open automatically.
  5. Daily Discover is about checking free daily offers. You can get them on the Trusted Partners category. Filter to find offers that don’t require you to have a credit card or ZIP codes.
  6. Gold surveys are also worth trying. Although they are somehow challenging to complete, you can still give it a try.
  7. The Deal of the Day offers you many products and services you can subscribe or buy. The offers can earn you points.

Swagbucks Hacks

Here are some hacks that can earn you more money. You can triple your earnings by:

  1. Activating cash back. You can do this on your browser extension. If you’ve already installed the extension, the feature will automatically pop up.
  2. Use Honey browser extension to find coupon codes and save something in your checkout process.
  3. Purchase discounted gift cards. Gift Card Granny can help you get a discounted gift card to reduce your total costs.

Is Swagbucks Legit?

Swagbucks is one of the best rewards sites out there. It is a legit site and many people have made money from it. They offer a ton of prizes to choose from.

Although you’re probably not going to become millionaire on the site, the points you earn can help you save big on your purchase through the gift cards.

They’ve also partnered with major stores like Amazon to make shopping more rewarding. No pun intended.

Here are some pros and cons of Swagbucks:

Pros of Swagbucks

  1. They have many reward options
  2. The cash back options are very beneficial
  3. The site is easy to use
  4. In-store cashback is a great deal
  5. They have many ways to earn and increase points.
  6. The browser extension is an excellent feature and works pretty well.
  7. They do in pay out to their users

Cons of Swagbucks

  1. Although the platform is pretty solid, probably one of the biggest drawbacks is that some of the offers require you to put in a lot of work to earn points.
  2. The platform pays out very small amounts for tasks completed making it hard to earn a substantial income.
  3. I’ve heard complaints of long waits to get paid. So this is something to keep in mind.


Overall, Swagbucks is a legit site that has great deals on offers, rewards, and points. The fact that the site is free website means you don’t risk anything when joining. They offer so many ways to make money that it’s worth considering it if you like free rewards and gifts.

Click here to join Swagbucks today and start earning. This platform is one of the more reputable sites online.

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