Is Survey Voices Legit In 2021? (Review)

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The Survey Voices platform is yet another site in the paid online survey space. But, does it make sense to join. And it is worth it?

In this review I’m going to cut right to the chase and tell you exactly what this site is. So you can decide for yourself if it’s worth your time, especially when there are so many other options on the market. Not all survey sites are created equal.

Let’s dive in.

What is Survey Voices?

The Survey Voices platform is the property of Reward Zone USA LLC. This company is based in White Plains, New York, and was started in 2011 by Mathew Conlin.

As you know, paid surveys are all the rage right now. They offer the opportunity to make money by simply answering a few questions. But here’s something that might surprise you.

Survey Voices does not offer paid surveys on their platform. The site only acts as middleman. In other words, it connects its users to sites that provide paid surveys.

How Does Survey Voices Work?

Paid online surveys are complicated. The industry is filled with a ton of websites and so many of them are questionable at best.

There are some legitimate companies, but they don’t pay enough to make the surveys they offer worth the effort.

Survey Voices is designed to assist people who need help in identifying paid online survey sites.

In my research I did not find evidence to suggest that they vet their partners. For the most part, all they do is to offer an ever-growing list of surveys for people to choose from.

You have to sign up to use Survey Voices.

Once you complete this process, you can choose any survey you want. There are no restrictions on your activities on the site. You can join as many survey sites as you please.

But it is important to remember that Survey Voices does not represent the survey sites you find on its platform.

The average survey site works with businesses that want feedback from potential consumers.

These companies pay survey sites to collect that feedback on their behalf. When you participate in a survey, a survey site only pays you a portion of the commission it has earned from the company that requested the survey.

Survey Voices does not have this same arrangement with companies. It neither hosts survey sites nor offers surveys of its own. This is important to keep in mind because some of the survey sites in their database have received poor reviews.

As far user safety and security are concerned, there is no difference between using Survey Voice or searching for surveys on your own.

Survey Voices does not appear to make an effort to protect its users from scam sites on their platform.

The platform argues that it works to match people with the best survey sites for their situation. But it doesn’t make any significant effort to protect its members from cyber crimes or identity theft.

How to Join Survey Voices?

Joining Survey Voices is pretty simple. All you have to do is visit the Survey Voices website to get started.

Survey Voices Sign Up Page

This is a simple matter of entering your email address and answering a few questions that the site uses to find you the best survey sites. Some of the questions they ask include:

  • First and Last Name, Zip Code
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Do you have an active bank account?
  • Are you a homeowner?
  • What is your current employment status?
  • How many vehicles are in your household? (cars, trucks, etc)
  • Consent to receive monitored or recorded phone sales calls and text messages to the phone number you provided.

Once your account ready, you can start browsing the list of survey sites. It is worth noting that Survey Voices is only the middleman as I mentioned. It doesn’t own the sites it recommends to members.

In other words, every time you find a survey site you like, you will need to click through to the site and open an account. Creating an account with Survey Voices does not automatically make you a member of the survey sites in their database.

And as was noted before, they do not vet the websites they send to their members. You are still expected to evaluate each site before you join it. Otherwise, you risk of exposing your personal and financial information.

Any problems that arise with the individual survey sites must be resolved with those same sites.

Survey Voices isn’t responsible for the actions of the survey sites in its list. You cannot look to them to solve any cases of fraud that might occur.

It is also important to note that Survey Voices does not pay its members. The company’s only role is to provide a list of survey sites.

Below is a list of the 4 paid survey matches that they gave me in you account.

Survey Voices Review

How Much Do You Make Per Survey At Survey Voices?

Survey Voices has not revealed the average amount of money that its members earn. This makes sense.

After all, the platform is not directly responsible for paying its members. It does not follow up on the activities of its members once they join a survey site.

There is no clear way to determine how much money each person makes. Simple because the average member’s earnings will vary depending on the survey sites they have chosen to visit and how frequently they take surveys.

That being said, Survey Voices is fairly certain that its members can make as much as $300 in the first week. This is a bold claim. One that many industry experts will dispute because survey sites are not that profitable.

Most people would be lucky to earn $300 in a month, especially since the average survey site pays $1 or even less for a single survey.

Survey Voices allows you to join as many survey sites as you want. However, they cannot guarantee that you will qualify for every single survey.

For that reason, you have to take their claims about expected earnings with a grain of salt.

Is Survey Voices Legit?

Many Survey Voices reviewers are suspicious of the platform. However, most of them agree that the company is legit.

It hasn’t been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. More importantly, has logged a ton of complaints against the parent company.

Reward Zone USA, their parent company, was given a C rating by the BBB. The high rate of complaints on the BBB might make one doubt the platform. But the platform has never claimed to be anything other than an aggregator site.

It promises to connect its members to survey sites and it does just that.

Because they point you in the direction of supposedly paying survey sites, it’s very possible that they earn a commission for referring you to these sites.

How Trustable Is Survey Voices?

The chances that they sell your personal information are quite high. It is wise to be careful when entering your personal information onto the site.

Survey Voices has not remained quiet in the face of complaints. They have gone out of their way to tackle dozens of queries from upset members.

This has helped to earn them the benefit of the doubt from some online circles.

All in all, Survey Voices is not a scam. They do exactly what they promise.

However, they are associated with so many security hazards that, for some people, they are not worth the hassle.

Top 4 Competitors to Survey Voices

If you want to make money from surveys instead of going through a site like Survey Voices, these are some of the biggest names in the industry:

1) Swagbucks

If you have spent any time taking paid surveys on the internet, you have most likely heard of Swagbucks. They have 21 million users. Swagbucks is popular because they are not just a survey site.

Yes, you get paid to take surveys. But, you can also make money by carrying out simple tasks such as watching videos and shopping online. They also offer daily bonuses.

Even though the surveys don’t pay that much, Swagbucks provides so other ways to make money that you can use the platform to earn something at least.

2) InboxDollars

InboxDollars stands out because it doesn’t rely on a point system. When you perform a particular task, rather than earning points, you make real money.

Like Swagbucks, they do not restrict their members to surveys. You can make money by watching videos and shopping from your favorite online stores.

They have taken things a step further by allowing you to make money through the simple act of reading emails.

This makes them quite attractive for people that want to make a little extra money without performing any difficult tasks.

3) Branded Surveys

As its name suggests, Branded Surveys is a survey site. Like all the other platforms on this list, this one won’t make you rich.

But if you can take enough surveys and paid polls regularly, you can make some extra income to justify the time you spend on the platform.

4) Survey Junkie

Every internet user that experiments with paid surveys has heard of Survey Junkie.

They are one of the most popular survey sites on the internet.

People trust the platform because it has been around for a long time. As a result, it has a strong reputation. Survey Junkie pays in points.


The Survey Voices platform is legitimate. It gives you a list of survey sites and the rest is up to you.

As I mentioned, they don’t have any skin in the game when it comes to joining and earning with sites that they match you with. With so many other sites out there, it might be best to just join them on your own.

When you sign up for Survey Voices, they do ask for some personal information. I came away feeling like it was more of a risk than benefit to share my personal information. All they did was show me sites that I know of already.

Use your best judgement. I hope this review will help you to decide it Survey Voices is right for you.

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