Is Enagic Legit? (2021 Reviews)

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If you’re asking yourself, “Is Enagic Legit?” I totally get it. An MLM in the water business that is running around making health claims can definitely come across as a scam.

In this review, I’m going to give you my two cents on this opportunity. In fact, I’ve used the water personally. So I can honestly tell you from firsthand experience.

When it comes to the multi-level marketing opportunity, there are questions that need dissecting. In this review I’ll go over it all with a fine tooth comb.

Let’s get into it.

What is Enagic?

Enagic is a leading manufacturer of water ionization systems that turn your tap water into healthy electrolytically-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water. The company also has a multi-level marketing arm where they distribute hundreds of thousands of water machines worldwide.

Here’s a timeline of Enagic and how the company was born.

  • In 1974, Sony’s specialty trading operations began trading in Okinawa.
  • Four years later in 1978, the Japanese government designated the Okinawa factory as a medical equipment manufacturer.
  • Fast forward 10 years later in 1988, and the company changed its name to Kangen water specialist.
  • Two years later in 1990, the company became known as Enagic and the distribution of Kangan Water began.
  • In April 1998 the company opened an office in Tokyo Shiagawa and the “8-point system was launched.”
  • In January 2001, Enagic merged with Toyo Aitex, a specialist in electrolysis water generating technology.

What are Enagic’s Products?

Enagic sells water filtration machines, alkaline ionizers and dietary supplements. There are eight products in their portfolio. And they also have a Turmeric supplement called Ukon.

My Personal Experience With Enagic’s Products

I have personally went out and purchased a water ionizer from Enagic. Currently, I own the Leveluk R. I purchased it through a payment plan.

Is Enagic Legit

In all, I made 11 payments in 11 months and I no longer have to make payments. This is the nice thing about this opportunity. If you were to join the business side of things, no monthly auto-ship nonsense. I now own my machine free and clear.

I made a down payment of $561 and then 10 payments of $120 to pay off my machine. Initially, I thought I’d be returning the machine. But to my surprise I felt the difference.

The water 1000% tastes different from any other type of water out there. I always described it as light and smooth. It feels like it goes right through you.

I never drank a gallon of water so fast in my life and without feeling full. I did get a weird headache at first and some stomach issues. But I eventually got used to it.

Now you can go to your local grocery store and see water companies touting 9.5 PH. Companies like Essentia. I bought my machine back in 2016. Today my Leveluk R machine machine just sits on my counter top collecting dust. And I’ve been making out just fine with my bottled spring water.

Water Machine Models

When you look to purchase a machine with Enagic, they have several models to choose from. Those models are:

  • Anespa DX $2,890
  • K8 $4980
  • Leveluk SD501 $3980
  • Leveluk JR11 $2,380
  • Leveluk Super 501 $5,980
  • Leveluk SD501U $4980
  • Leveluk SD501 Platinum 5 Language $4,280
  • Leveluk R $1,980

With their Ukon (Turmeric) product, they have it in the following formulations:

  • Ukon Tea
  • Ukon Soap
  • Ukon Supplements (capsules)

Health Benefits

It is definitely better to drink water than soft drinks. And in the US, many people drink water from the tap. But since 2004, there have been over three hundred pollutants found in tap water, and half of these are not regulated. Not surprisingly, the public is now questioning whether tap water really is safe.

Enagic products are designed to change your tap water into healthy and electrolyzed, hydrogen-rich drinking water.

Here’s an excellent video presentation on how the Enagic products can transform your water.

How to Join Enagic

You can join the business opportunity by going to the Enagic website or getting in touch with the person who referred you to the opportunity. When joining Enagic there are no sign-up fees.

This is not the norm with most MLM companies and one of the many reasons why I feel it’s a solid company. You simply buy a unit (water machine) from an Enagic distributor and that is all it is going to cost you.

No stocking inventory to buy. No powders, pills, potions, and lotions to place on autoship. It’s really simple.

You do need to have a distributor to sponsor you. When you buy your machine from the distributor they will discuss this with you. The company also has a payment plan to get you started.

The Enagic App

Enagic has an app that is available for download in both the Apple and Play Stores for both iOS and Android mobile devices. The App is called Enagic Mobi.

With this app, you can manage your entire Enagic business on the go from your mobile device. It allows you to prospect, do demos, access sales and education materials.

The app is highly rated and puts your whole business right at your fingertips.

The Enagic Compensation Plan

The Enagic compensation plan was first launched in 1998. There are several ways to generate income as an Enagic distributor. These include:

  • Direct Sales Commission
  • Educational Allowance
  • Global Leadership Incentive
  • Monthly Incentive
  • Override Commission
  • Quarterly Incentive
  • Title Incentive

The 8-Point Commission System

The system has 6 ranks and all ranks have 8 points. To advance up the ranks you and/or your team need to reach a specific sales target.

Enagic Compensation Plan

1A Rank

When you purchase the first product you become a 1A rank. Once you have sold two of the machines you will be promoted to a 2A Rank.

2A Rank

As a 2A Rank, you get twice the commission. While all this is happening you will also be encouraged to try to promote the business to your customers to help them become independent distributors and join your team.

Direct Sales are sales that you make yourself. Indirect sales are those made by members of your team. As you know, the more sales that you and your team make the higher your income.

3A Rank

To progress to a rank 3A, you will need a total of 10 sales, which can be direct or indirect. Once you achieve this your next direct sale will take you to rank 3A.

4A Rank

To progress to rank 4A you need a team total of 20 sales. Your next direct sale then makes you a 4A.

5A Rank

The next rank 5A, is achieved by an accumulated team sales of 50 units. After 50 units, your next direct sale makes you a 5A.

6A Rank

Finally, after your team has made an accumulated 100 sales, your next direct sale takes you to rank 6A. This is the holy grail within Enagic. When you become a 6A you’ve reached the top of the mountain in the comp plan.

Point System

Each sale generates 8 points. The person who makes the sale will get the same number of points as the rank they currently hold. The remaining 6 points are paid to the upline, 2 points to each level above until there are no points left.

Commission Statuses

There are also four commission statuses: these are SP, D1, D0, and FAO

1) SP Status

You get SP status if your direct sale is within 90 days of your last one.

2) D1 Status

You get D1 if your direct sale was more than 90 days, but less than 6 months from your last one (you don’t get the SP commission as well).

3) D0 Status

You are D0 if you have not made a direct sale in over 6 months. This results in you only getting 50% of your commission.

4) FAO Status

If you have not made a direct sale for over 2 years then you are FAO and will receive no commission.

Here’s an amazing and up-to-date video overview of the Enagic Compensation Plan.

Pros and Cons of Enagic


  • Solid product line.
  • The company has been around for decades and is truly a global opportunity.
  • A differentiated product that everyone needs.
  • A lucrative compensation structure.
  • No signup fees to join.
  • A mobile app that allows you to manage your entire business.
  • The company is A+ rated with the BBB.


  • A very expensive product with their lowest product starting at over $1K (Leveluk R) and will require a payment plan to get started for most.
  • Health claims with the water ionizer can land the company in hot water with the FDA, with lack of clinical data to support claims.
  • Hard to sell the product with sub par marketing and online tools.
  • It’s hard to sell a water ionizer to people when they can go on Amazon and get a much cheaper one.

Is Enagic Legit?

This company is a legit company. They are trading in 23 countries and the only lawsuit I could find was an illegal telesales campaign carried out by a distributor. Enagic claims they knew nothing about this.

I have explained the compensation plan in the previous section. I really think that the plan is lucrative and if you can sell and market you should be able to earn a solid income.

Better Business Bureau

Enagic has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited since 2008, with mostly positive reviews. And no complaints at the time of this review.


As far as revenues, the company has been flat. Below is a closer look a their last 4 years according to Business For Home. They definitely aren’t one of the top ranked mlm companies in the industry, but have carved out a niche.

  • 2018: $140 million
  • 2017: $150 million
  • 2016: $150 million
  • 2015: $150 million


This company is totally legit and the product is sound. I’ve purchased the product myself a few years ago just for the health benefits associated with the water.

That speaks to two things. One, the product stands on its own two feet. And two, I experienced first hand that the product is worthwhile with no interest in joining the MLM opportunity.

The problem that most Enagic distributors have is they make bold claims such as the water can heal sicknesses and perform miracles. This is dangerous. But if you’re looking for a solid product with a solid company, you might have a winner. Besides, everybody needs water.

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