10 AWOL Academy Pros and Cons: Is AWOL Academy a Scam? (Unbiased Review)

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We live in the information age and as I’ve said before, knowledge is currency. In this AWOL Academy review I’m going to share with you the ins and outs on this internet marketing training platform.

Hopefully we’ll uncover, if this training platform can actually show you how to take what you’ve learned and translate that into dollars in your pocket. Let’s take a hard look at this program and see if it’s worth your while. OK, let’s do it.

What is AWOL Academy?

First things first. Here’s what the AWOL Academy is. It’s is an online educational, marketing, and mentorship program. It was initially formed as part of Empower Network, an MLM company that offers high-priced training on Internet marketing. The name AWOL is an acronym for ‘Another Way of Life’. At first, it used to be called Project AWOL.

What Does AWOL Academy Teach?

AWOL Academy focuses on offering training to individuals who are interested in starting an Internet marketing business. Unlike most Internet-based programs, AWOL has helped many people overcome the challenges involved with trying to grow a business online.

It teaches individuals how to improve their Internet marketing strategies and make a substantial income. The courses they offer include step-by-step videos on things like how to set up a website, how to purchase a domain name, how to generate leads, converting sales leads, email marketing campaigns, and much more.

What Courses Does AWOL Academy Offer?

AWOL offers 5 major courses that users can choose from. Among them include Pro Academy, Conversion Academy, Inbox Academy, Traffic Academy, and Masters Academy.

1) Pro Academy

This is their most basic program and it’s designed for beginners. It includes instructional guides on how to set up a sales funnel with your websites, design capture pages, email marketing campaigns and tracking systems. It costs $99.

2) Masters Academy

This package deals with strategic tax planning, money management, and investment strategies. It aims at helping individuals maximize their profits. The program costs $3,497.

3) Traffic Academy

As the name suggests, Traffic Academy offers guidance on how to generate good targeted traffic. Through targeted traffic, it becomes easy to convert visitors into customers. This program is priced at $997.

4) Conversion Academy

This is program is based on the fact that through persuasive talking and storytelling, you can attract and engage an audience. The program teaches you how to convince an audience and convert them into potential customers. It costs about $997, just like the Traffic Academy program.

5) Inbox Academy

Inbox Academy is an email marketing program that teaches you how to get subscribers and make sales through email. It also teaches you how to improve click through and open rate for both offers and promotions. It is priced at $297.

6) AWOL Elite

In addition to the five packages, there is another advanced course called AWOL Elite. This goes for $9,997 and covers everything included in the lower-priced programs.

It also includes a 2-hour webinar that is offered weekly and a mentorship course offered through a Facebook group and forum.

How to Join AWOL Academy

To get started, one has to visit the AWOL website and purchase a coaching package, which is part of the Pro Academy program. The package features videos that teach how to create your profile using basic personal information. The next step is to setup a coaching call to help answer various questions and help you understand the content of in the program.

There are four modules that include 25 videos.

1. Module 1 deals with affiliate marketing.

This is about promoting other people’s products for a commission. This module deals with helping you understand the most important concepts and set up everything correctly. It includes purchasing a domain name, installing WordPress, and setting up web hosting.

2. Module 2 has 12 videos and deals with setting up landing pages and autoresponders.

These are essential components of any sales funnel. The landing pages are where visitors go before visiting the sales page and this module teaches you how to do it.

Split testing and tracking are also explained in this section. This part helps to improve results and recommended services include: GetResponse, LeadPages, and ClickMagick.

3. Module 3 shows how to find the types of affiliate products to market.

Various types of products are explained including where and when to promote them. It also sheds light on how to sign up for good affiliate programs that pay. It then moves to how to generate traffic using solo ads (sending promotional emails to lists at bargain prices).

4. Module 4, which is the last module is a 3.5-hour training that covers tracking, email marketing, maximizing revenue and setting up ad budgets.

A lot of valuable stuff is taught in this section and it is the bedrock of creating a successful Internet marketing business. It shows every marketer what to expect after each period and how to go about it.

Who Created AWOL and Who Teaches the Program?

AWOL Academy was created in 2015 by two individuals—Kameron George and Keala Kanae. The two individuals teamed up and created the program by the name Project AWOL after George left the Empower Network. The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Both Kameron and Keala take part in teaching the various modules and mentorship sessions in the program. Anyone who purchases the program gets to interact with the two project creators and ask them questions directly.

Is AWOL Academy a Scam?

AWOL Academy is a legit program and a great affiliate marketing training course. Thousands of Internet marketers have benefited from the program. Also, the company has a solid BBB rating of B, which means it’s not a scam.

How much does it cost to join AWOL?

Depending on the type of training one is looking for, the program can cost anywhere from $99 to $3,497. Even though the costs appear to be high, the quality of training offered seems to be worth it. With education and courses, prices run the gamut. It’s no different than any course you’d take in a college. The way to look at it is, with this type of training you have the potential to recoup the cost of investment if you can put the training into action.

Pros and Cons of AWOL


  1. There is in-depth coaching which provides Internet marketers with a great opportunity to grow their online business.
  2. It is an BBB-accredited company, so it is not a scam.
  3. They have a money-back guarantee, which is available for the first two weeks with no questions asked if you’re not happy with the course. Just ask for a prompt and courteous refund.
  4. They have great customer support.
  5. There is an affiliate marketing option. This offers access to ready-made training videos, sales funnels, and other options. Participants can earn up to 30% commission for referrals.


  1. The system is very expensive and with Internet marketing there is a steep learning curve.
  2. The up-sells seem more overpriced. This can come across as annoying when you’re being pitched more and more stuff. Especially when they move you through a sequence where you have to pay more to learn more. I like a complete course up front.
  3. There are some hidden costs that end up making users pay a more. Training isn’t cheap, but it would be better if there was more transparency up front when it comes to costs.
  4. The program has no free trial version. It would be nice to offer some part of the course for free allowing you to pay as you earn. Especially with so much noise out there in the internet marketing space.
  5. It’s BBB rating is a B. I like to see an A+ rating with the BBB. And while it might seem like I’m nitpicking here, it is worth noting.


The AWOL Academy program is very comprehensive and offers useful training programs for any serious Internet marketer. Although the prices of the courses are somewhat high, the quality of the training, great support and money-back guarantee make it worth trying.

Any average person can try the program and results may vary. But just like anything in life, you usually get out what you put in. And you have to remember, with any business if it was easy, everybody would be doing it. Everybody would have the results your seek. So put in the work and it’s possible.

Before I go, here’s an excellent video review on the AWOL Academy. If you’re on the fence, you must check it out before you join. It might save you some headache in the long run. Enjoy!

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