iMarketsLive Review: What Is iMarketsLive (IM Mastery Academy) And Is It Worth It?

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In this iMarketsLive review (now IM Mastery Academy), I’m going to pull back the curtain on this business opportunity and let you know everything I’ve uncovered in my research.

So if you’re on the fence about this company, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s dig in.

What Is iMarketsLive?

iMarketsLive is an MLM company that sells software that people can use to succeed at Forex trading. Forex trading is an industry that focuses on the buying and selling of currencies.

It is a lucrative industry and people are always experimenting with this market because it gives them the opportunity to abandon their conventional jobs.

However, while Forex trading is a lucrative business, it is very difficult to master for amateurs. Rather than hiring a financial expert, this MLM offers a suite of programs, which they claim can teach the average person everything they need to know to start Forex trading.

Some of the products and tools that this company offers are designed to help people make money without actively participating in Forex trading.

iMarketsLive is an MLM platform because it has a business opportunity part of the business where distributors can earn commissions for recruiting new distributors into their organization. Distributors also earn override commissions on the distributors that they bring in as well as those their recruits (downline) bring into the business.

When Was iMarketsLive Founded?

The company is based in New York and available in over 100 countries. iMarketsLive was founded in 2013 by Christopher Terry who started out his career in construction.

At first, he was just a worker. But eventually, he became the owner of his own construction company.

His interest in commodities trading entered the picture in 1995. After spending quite a bit of time exploring the markets, Terry abandoned his construction business.

The fact that the company had just recorded $40 million in sales did not sway him in his decision to walk away.

The Founder’s Vision

Terry wanted to become a trader, so he did just that. With various mentors teaching and guiding him, Terry became quite adept at trading, learning to use the strategies of other successful people to win.

It didn’t take Terry long to realize that he had stumbled upon something special. If he could succeed by following the strategies of other people, then the public could also attain similar success by doing the same thing.

Terry wasted no time in using his networking and trading experience to make his dream a reality, bringing International Markets Live to the world in 2012.

MLMs were nothing new to Terry being that he had tried his hand at Amway’s business opportunity in the past.

While Amway was an unsuccessful venture, it did in fact help to change his mindset about wealth. He applied the lessons Amway taught him to iMarketsLive once it launched in 2013.

Things took a wrong turn early on when brokers locked the accounts of many of his MLM company’s customers. The brokers in question did not approve of the fact that these individuals were using unregulated expert advice.

FX Signals Live

They were particularly disturbed by ‘FX Signals Live’, a program that allowed people to make trades without understanding Forex trading by simply mirroring Terry’s actions. So they took action against the program in 2016.

But Terry was able to overcome this obstacle by replacing the program with ‘Harmonic Scanner’, a superior alternative that expected users to possess a basic understanding of Forex trading.

Here’s an interesting video of Terry discussing the business.

Terry’s MLM has evolved quite a bit in the years since it first launched to get where it is today.

IM Mastery Academy

In 2019, they decided to shake things up by changing the name from iMarketsLive to IM Mastery Academy. Terry said that the change was designed to align the company’s brand with its mission.

He started the company because he wanted to give people financial freedom and the tools to live better lives.

IM Mastery Academy is supposed to do just that by placing special emphasis on education and training in Forex marketplace. Besides a few changes in the names of programs and Add-ons, this is still the same iMarketsLive that people know.

How Does IM Mastery Academy Work?

The IM Mastery Academy platform offers training that teaches people Forex trading.

Forex trading is done by converting currency of one country into another. The foreign exchange (Forex) market is a global marketplace for trading currencies.

The market decides the foreign exchange rates for all currencies. This includes everything from buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current or set prices.

At IM Mastery Academy, they provide assistance and guidance during the trading process.

Some join the company to learn how to trade in the Forex market, while others choose to join the MLM side of the house. With the MLM business model they can earn commissions whenever they recruit other traders or as the company calls them, Independent Business Owners (IBOs).

What Are IM Master Academy’s Products or Services?

As mentioned before, this company sells programs that teach people Forex trading, while also providing the tools necessary to help them when they begin the actual trading.

Their programs include:

1) Live Academy

This program has webinars, videos, articles, and training modules to help members understand Forex trading. With over 100 videos to teach and provide members with an in-depth insight into Forex trading as well as crypto trading.

The modules are very detailed, with step-by-step instructions. They are also arranged in three stages ranging from beginner to advanced.

2) Live TV

Here, you are guaranteed roughly 1,000 hours of live trading education and analysis every month. This program is designed to build upon the knowledge you acquire from the Live Academy.

The main focus is Forex trading, but they also cover crypto trading.

It is here that you learn the strategies you will use once trading starts. This program is also sold in multiple languages.

3) Swing Trades and Night Owl Sessions

This is a special webinar that only paying members can access. It features Chris Terry, the CEO, who tells people how he made his fortune. He also provides live financial advice.

4) Harmonic Scanner

This product was first introduced after iMarketsLive was criticized for permitting members to make money by simply using the trades Terry was making.

What makes Harmonic Scanner different from its predecessors is that it gives you a way to identify notable money-making opportunities by finding and explaining the harmonic patterns in the market.

This program dives deep with explaining trading to members so they can make informed decisions.

5) Swipe Trades

This is an app. It will keep you updated on promising trading opportunities.

It shows you all the important trades, why they matter, and what you should consider doing. But again, the program doesn’t do everything for you. You are still expected to make your own decisions.

6) Swipe Coin

This is also an app. It performs similar functions to swipe trades except that it is focused on cryptocurrency.

7) Web Analyzer

Besides these programs, you also get a web analyzer that scans the Forex markets to provide real-time information that can impact your trading decisions.

How To Join IM Mastery Academy

You can visit the iMarketsLive website to sign up or get back to the person who referred you. You can choose to join as a customer or an Independent Business Owner (IBO).

IM Mastery Academy

At the time of this review, if you choose the platinum package, you must pay $195 at the start and $145 each month.

The IBO platinum package will cost you $225 at the start and $164 each month.

They offer a 7-Day money-back guarantee.

Buying either package gets you all the educational material and trading software. However, only IBO Platinum members can earn commissions.

You should know that it could cost you as much as $2000 a year to remain an active member.

iMarketsLive Compensation Plan

The company offers several opportunities for distributors to make money. Here are the three most common:

1) If you recruit a distributor, you earn a commission of 50% on the payments they make in their first month. You also stand to earn 8% of your subscription for any distributors you bring into your downline.

2) The bonuses earned will depend on your level. You get a 30% commission at Level 1. Level 2 gets 10%. And Levels 3 will earn you 4% to 5%.

3) This company uses a 3 x 8 commission matrix that has 9890 positions in a downline. It gives distributors a commission of 8% for every position.

If you’re a rock star, you can max out the comp plan and earn as much as $125,000 per week according to the company. This is when you reach the Chairman 500 rank.

But as with any MLM, results may vary and you’re not guaranteed to make that amount and that amount isn’t the norm.

For a detailed review, here’s an excellent video overview on the company’s most recent compensation plan.

Is iMarketsLive (IM Mastery Academy) Worth It?

The company is not a scam and I think it is worth a shot. This platform has real products that they sell with solid training.

iMarketsLive BBB

Currently it has a D rating with the Better Business Bureau and an average rating on TrustPilot. The company’s rating with the BBB is low and is concerning considering the amount of complaints filed on the site against the company.

The fact that the company is available in 120 countries and offers training in 8 different languages is nice. The company’s breadth worldwide makes it more legitimate in the eyes of many.

It’s important to do your due diligence as there is a cost and time investment involved. Not to mention, the Forex market does come with quite the learning curve and is hard to master.

The company does have a number of positive reviews on TrustPilot from people who used their programs, started training, and earned with the company.

They have 60 full-time educators on their staff. As a result, there is no shortage of skilled personnel to provide support to help you reach your income goals.


The iMarketsLive, now IM Mastery Academy, MLM company is a unique platform in a booming industry – Forex trading. With the tools and resources available, the average person can learn the market and earn while becoming a better trader.

The company has it pros and cons. Forex isn’t easy to master. I know from personal experience and there is a steep learning curve.

While going it alone can be risky, you can also risk a boatload of money on programs that promise easy riches in a complicated technical field. As with anything in MLM, do your due diligence and if you are interested in MLM and Forex trading, this might be your opportunity to marry the two.

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