10 Biggest Humanatic Pros and Cons: 2 Sites Like Humanatic

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In this review of Humanatic, I’m going to give you the skinny on this opportunity and let you in on 2 other solid sites like Humanatic. If you’re looking to make some extra money, I’m from the school of thought that the more options you have the better.

With that said, if you’re here to find out what Humanatic is all about you’ve come to the right place. Can you really get paid just for listening to recorded calls?

Let’s find out.

What is Humanatic?

Humanatic is a company that is owned by Century Interactive. Century Interactive was founded in 1988 and they applied for the Humanatics trademark in 2014. The company is based in Dallas, Texas and has estimated annual revenues of $15 million.

The Humanatic software gives businesses a clear and detailed analysis of their phone calls, using home-based reviewers who listen to recorded calls. These reviewers assist in providing companies with analysis that will help them improve their business.

How Does Humanatic Work?

I’m sure you’ve called a company and heard the operator say to you on the other end, “this call is being recorded for quality assurance…” Or something to that effect.

Humanatic pays members to review phone calls and to sort calls into the correct category.

For example, calls might be sorted into “New client, old client, or uncertain”. It is important for the reviewer to listen carefully to the recorded calls.

The company then records the accuracy and for reviewers with higher accuracy, they will get access to higher-paying tasks.

With Humanatics:

  • There’s no special training ineeded.
  • Get paid weekly through PayPal.
  • You won’t make outgoing calls or receive incoming calls.
  • No talking to a customer.
  • You won’t have to do transcription.
  • You’re not required to review calls during any set hours with the company’s largest workload occurring between 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time in the US.

The company currently has around 150,000 reviewers from various parts of the world.

How to Join Humanatic

To join, simply go to the Humanatic website and sign up. One thing that’s worth pointing out though, is that they don’t always have openings.


The Humanatic App

The Company has an app that is available for download in the app store only for the Android platform at the time of this article.

How to Make Money With Humanatic

The amount of money you can make will depend on your skill level. Jobs are divided into different categories. All new reviewers will start with the company reviewing the two most basic categories (easy).

The higher-paid jobs are unlocked by achieving certain accuracy targets. There is an expectation that you will earn somewhere between $1 and $4.50 per hour depending on your skills and how accurate your work is.

You are required to have your own verified PayPal account to receive your payment. Payments are made every Monday as long as you have earned the $10 threshold that week, you can have your funds deposited.

Here’s a tweet from someone earning with Humanatic.

As a best practice, most reviewers have reported that they found more success when you setting goals on how many calls to review in a day. Rather than focusing on the money earned.

Becoming a Mediator

When you have a much better understanding of how particular categories work, you may earn the option of becoming a “Mediator” where you can earn up to $50 to $150 per day.

Currency considerations can have an effect on your eventual earnings. You are paid in US dollars and you will want to convert these to your local currency to spend.

In the early stages of your time with Humanatics, you should focus on spending your time learning about each category. So that you will get both faster and more accurate.

By performing well you will gradually be promoted through the categories and have the opportunity to increase your earnings.

Of course, the number of hours you spend working will also have a big impact on your earnings. You can choose to work either part-time or full-time. It’s up to you.

Sites Like Humanatic

1) PointQA

PointQA is a California based rival to Humanatics that does a similar type of work as Humanatics. Unlike Humanatics, they will require some experience and/or qualifications.

You will also be required to take assessments/exams. The exams could take up to 2 hours and you will need to score a 75% or higher to pass and continue the application process.

Once you have completed your application your case will be considered by their staff. And you will be notified by email if you have passed the interview stage.

NOTE: Watch your spam folder in your email to make sure you don’t miss their email if you’re interested in PointQA.

The Job Offer

Eventually, after passing the assessments and the interview you will receive a job offer and the company will provide you with some instructions and set a performance guide. You will be paid weekly through bank transfer with the company.

Getting a job with PointQA may take some time as they are very methodical in their hiring. And will assess and interview people even though they have no current vacancies. In these situations they will keep your details on file and contact you when a vacancy opens up.

You can also earn money from PointQA by referring talent. Anyone you refer who qualifies, starts work, and works a minimum of 100 hours in the first 60 days, will earn you $25. This is deposited into your account the next payday.

You can apply on their website at PointQA.com.

2) Reynolds & Reynolds

Reynolds & Reynolds are suppliers of retail management systems, usually supplied to automobile sales outlets. Their service covers selling and servicing vehicles, managing their clients business, and online transactions.

The company offers the following positions: Call analyst, and part-time call quality analyst.

As a call services remote analyst, home workers are tasked with listening to recorded phone calls. These calls are between clients and customers.

As an analyst you evaluate each call to see if there were any lost sales opportunities, using pre-set criteria. The job has more tasks than Humanatics and requires outbound calling to conduct surveys and provide customer service. They may also offer some jobs that do not require outbound calling.

You will need basic computer skills, a good level of English communication, and to be a team player.

Reynolds & Reynolds offers between $7 and $11 per hour.

You can apply on their website at ReyRey.com.

Pros and Cons of Humanatic


  1. The company has a fast and minimal recruitment process.
  2. By applying yourself to the work, you can progress to higher earnings than the $4.50 per hour, if you’re skilled and accurate.
  3. It’s a flexible opportunity where you can work from the comfort of your own home any hours you choose.
  4. Free to sign up and it is easy work.
  5. You are paid out in cash via PayPal, weekly.


  1. Reading reviews by existing members or staff, the majority were rather negative about the company.
  2. Most of the complaints were related to amount earned, although there were a few that criticized the management systems.
  3. The work may be tedious after a time.
  4. The pay is very low and it can take a long time to hit the $10 payment threshold. Probably won’t earn you a full-time income.
  5. The company is not accredited nor rated with the Better Business Bureau.


There are tons opportunities out there to make money. With Humanatic, you have a solid company that lets you earn for listening to recorded phone calls.

While this opportunity doesn’t pay very well relatively speaking, it goes with the territory considering this role isn’t that hard. As you know, the easier the job, probably the lower the pay and higher the competition.

If you want to separate yourself from the pack, you’ll need to prove yourself. With accurate work and increase your skill set. Then you can possibly turn this into a winner.

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