How Does DietBet Work? (App Review)

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How does DietBet work? That’s the very question I asked myself when I first heard about this app.

It sort of reminds me of a bet two buddies may have to see who can lose the most weight. But is this app legit? How do bets work? So many questions.

Well, if you’re also looking for questions, you’ve come to the right place. Because I’m going to answer all of those questions or you.

Let’s dig in.

What is DietBet?

DietBet is a weight loss app that helps people that want to lose weight by connecting them with a community of people with similar goals.

It also allows people to participate in games that will enable them to make money by losing a certain amount of weight, within a certain period.

The app was founded by Jamie Rosen, who is the CEO of the company. Rosen was inspired to create DietBet after observing some of his friends. He noticed that they were competing to achieve specific weight loss objectives.

Rosen realized that this competitive aspect gave them the motivation they needed to succeed in their weight loss efforts. So he created an app that could give this same motivation to others. He multiplied its effectiveness by giving his users the opportunity to make money.

The app was officially launched in 2013 and has since attracted the interest of hundreds of thousands of users in nearly 100 countries. Compatible with Apple and Android devices, DietBet is attractive because it creates a sense of accountability. It also gives people the social support they need to pursue difficult weight loss goals.

How Does DietBet App Work?

To use the DietBet app, you must download it. After signing up for the app, you must select a game to play. There are a few steps involved.

1) You have to pay the bet amount that has been set. Once your payment is made, you can submit your starting weight.

This isn’t a simple matter of entering a digit or two into the app. You have to verify your weight at the start of the game.

This involves taking and submitting two pictures of yourself. You must take one picture while standing in light clothing on a weighing scale.

The second picture must show your weight reading. These images must be submitted two days before the bet officially starts. It must also include time stamps.

2) While the pictures you submitted are private, you can choose to share them with other people. A referee will review and approve your pictures before entering you in the game of your choice.

3) With the game underway, you can start working towards achieving your goal. The DietBet app has tools that you can use to track your progress.

You can also communicate with others and provide regular reports of your progress. The app will send you weight loss tips along the way to ensure that you are losing weight safely.

4) Once the game ends, you must submit your current weight within 48 hours. This means taking two more pictures of yourself standing on a scale and your weight.

5) It takes DietBet 24 hours to review, tally, and publish the results. They will reveal whether or not you have won and the amount of money you will receive.

The DietBet app doesn’t provide any of these services for free. It takes a cut of all the money that participants have added to the pot.

No Loss Guarantee

If a game attracts a lot of participants, and more players than expected win their bet, the app will give up its share to ensure that all the winners get their money back.

This is called a No Loss Guarantee. It prevents people from losing money, simply because far more participants than expected won their bets.

Create Your Own Games

You should know that you have the option of creating your own games. It is simply a matter of setting the percentage of weight that players must lose within a specific period.

The people who create games are called hosts. They can make their games private or open to the public. Private games are invitation only.

Most people prefer to play the games that the app has provided. Here are the games provided by the app:

1) Kickstarter

Kickstarter games expect you to lose 4% of your body weight within four weeks. The players that achieve this objective within the set time will share the pot.

Kickstarter games are popular because they are not as grueling. They require players to lose only a small portion of their weight. They are not as intimidating.

2) Transformer

Transformer games are similar to Kickstarter games. But in this case, you must lose 10% of your body weight in 6 months. Kickstarter participants typically lose 9 pounds.

Transformer participants, on the other hand, lose 24 pounds. Transformer games are a more significant undertaking and they will have a bigger impact on your weight loss.

3) Maintainer

Maintainer games are not as popular. Probably because they are more challenging.

They expect players to maintain a particular weight. In other words, the objective is to keep your weight off rather than merely losing it.

How To Join DietBet

To get started with DietBet, you must first download the app. Once installed, you can create an account.

You can download the app on both iOS and Android platforms. The app is free. You can also create an account on the DietBet website.

Once you submit the relevant information, you can start playing. You can access the games by going to the main page and clicking Find Games.

While joining the platform is free, you do have to pay to play games. The amount required will depend on the game. Some games require a few dollars. Others will cost hundreds of dollars.

DietBet always takes their portion, which ranges from 10% to 25% depending on the bet. Regardless of the amount you pay, you can always make your money back if you win the bet.

You have the option of paying $50 per year for a DietBet membership. Membership gives you access to more games, challenges, prizes, and bonuses.

DietBet App

The DietBet platform works through the app. As I mentioned, the app is available on both iOS and Android platorms.

How Much Can You Earn With DietBet?

The amounts you earn will depend on a few different factors. Those are as follows:

1) The bet amount.

The amount of money you’re expected to bet in a game will affect your earnings. The higher the bet amount, the more money you can expect to win, if you meet your weight loss goals.

2) The number of winners.

If a game has a lot of winners, the individual players won’t make that much. This is because the pot has to be distributed evenly. As such, the fewer the winners, the better for you.

According to DietBet, most people earn roughly twice as much money as they pay. Payments are made via PayPal.

Is the DietBet App Legit?

The DietBet app is a legitimate organization with users in nearly 100 countries. At the time of this review, the app has paid over $62,263,235 to winners and has over 827,149 players.

You are required to spend money in order to win money. Apps that demand money from their users are normally questioned and can make users skeptical.

But in this case, players have plenty of opportunities to win their money back and more. There are no hidden fees and the company has a reputation for always paying its winners.

The app probably won’t make you rich because the amounts they pay out are quite small. But it does achieve its objectives of helping people lose weight and make money. According to the app, 96% of participants meet their weight loss objectives.

Even if you are skeptical of the app’s claims, the majority of users will attest to the fact that they have lost weight using Dietbet.

Better Business Bureau

The company is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but has an A- rating. On the site Trustpilot, DietBet has an average rating with very few reviews at this time.

The company knows that its platform is effective so it has mechanisms in place to discourage unhealthy weight loss. DietBet prevents underweight users from playing its games, such as anyone whose BMI falls below 18.5.

You are also prohibited from losing more than 12% of your weight for Kickstarter games. With Transformer games, participants cannot lose more than 30% of their original weight.

The app does not stop at prohibiting players from exceeding these weight loss limits. It punishes those that cross the line by disqualifying them. Disqualified players are expected to forfeit their winnings.

How Much Do You Usually Win on DietBet?

DietBet has paid out over $62 million to its players. While that sounds encouraging, the amounts that individual players win are quite small.

The average bet amount is $35. Most people walk away with an average of $50 per game.

Do DietBet Hosts Make Money?

DietBet allows people to create games and challenges. These hosts are expected to earn roughly 5% to 10% of the money in the pot. The exact amount will depend on the size of the pot. The more players a game attracts, the bigger the pot, and the more money a host will make.

Some people make money through DietBet by taking the challenges. Others make money by hosting games.

HealthyWage vs DietBet

While the DietBet app is primarily concerned with team challenges, HeathyWage allows you to undertake a personal challenge. Team challenges are also available.

You can set a weight goal and a time frame. You still win prize money. It will depend on the bet amount.

Some people prefer HealthyWage over DietBet because of the freedom it offers. You can lose the weight you want in the time you want with HealthWage.

This level of customization is more convenient. HealthWage also expects you to pay higher bet amounts and that results in winning more money.

Because of the app’s structure, you can win as much as three times your bet amount. This is not possible with DietBet.

DietBet helps people lose weight because they don’t want to lose their money. This is their primary driving factor. The people that use Healthy Wage, are moreso driven by a desire to make money.


The DietBet app is about as unique of an app as there is. It incentivizes you to lose weight and improve your health. That sounds like a win-win.

The app makes losing weight more rewarding, while also offering the support that people need to be successful. This platform is legitimate based on the raving fans it has, and positive reviews it has garnered on review platforms.

If you’re looking to lose weight and earn a side income at the same time, DietBet marries the two. I think you should check the site out and give it a try for yourself if you could use a solid weight loss platform.

DietBet FAQ

What is a DietBet?

A DietBet is a contest to lose 4% of your starting weight in a set amount of time. The way it works is players all bet money into the pot at the beginning of the game. Winners split the pot.

Do DietBet hosts make money?

DietBet allows people to create games and challenges. These hosts are expected to earn roughly 5% to 10% of the money in the pot. The exact amount will depend on the size of the pot. The more players a game attracts, the bigger the pot, and the more money a host will make.

How does DietBet payout?

With DietBet, payments are made via PayPal.

Which is better HealthyWage or DietBet?

Some people prefer HealthyWage over DietBet because of the freedom it offers. You can lose the weight you want in the time you want with HealthWage. DietBet helps people lose weight because they don’t want to lose their money. This is their primary driving factor. The people that use HealthyWage, are moreso driven by a desire to make money.

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