GrabPoints Review: 5 Ways The App Will Make You Money

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If you’re looking for a solid GrabPoints review, you’ve come to the right place.

In this review, I’ll give my 100% unbiased opinion of this platform as well as some ways to earn with the site.

Let’s get into it.

What is GrabPoints?

GrabPoints is a website and application that pays rewards to its users. The company was established in 2014.

GrabPoints Review

This platform is a get-paid-to website, where users earn gift cards and cash after participating in surveys, downloading partner apps, completing offers, and performing various other tasks.

Users earn points for all activities that they complete, which can be redeemed for rewards in their catalog.

GrabPoints is a relatively new app in the marketplace. Especially when compared to various other reward-earning websites such as Swagbucks and Rakuten (formerly Ebates), which have been around for much longer.

The GrabPoints platform has exciting offers and a lot of other amazing tasks for users. The app has a huge user base that has been consistently growing.

How Does GrabPoints Work?

After joining GrabPoints and becoming a member, there are a number of ways that you can earn with the platform. Here are some of the ways to make money.

1) Taking Paid Surveys

There are dozens of survey router opportunities, at any given time that offer a way to earn credits.

2) Watching Videos

You can watch different videos and earn more than 20 points for each video you complete.

3) Completing Offers

You can complete different offers such as account signups, trials, and sweepstakes entries to earn points.

4) Downloading Apps

You can download various applications like games, travel apps, and more to earn credit points.

5) Referring Friends

Referring friends to the app can earn you anywhere from 25 to 250 points for a single referral.

For Tier 1 countries like the UK, USA, and CA you get 250 award points for each referral. For Tier 2 countries in Asia Pacific and Europe, you get awarded with 100 points for a referral. And the remaining Tier 3 countries are awarded fewer points for each referral.

Referrals need to cash out a minimum of 1000 points before your account will be credited.

How To Join GrabPoints

The GrabPoints app is completely free to join and you can join from anywhere in the world.

If you’re new to GrabPoints, all you need to do is visit the homepage of the official GrabPoints website.

When you’re on the site, a new user will be redirected to the sign up page. Here you will need to fill in some details such as email address and password and you’re good to go.

You can also sign up through your Gmail or your Facebook account. The website will automatically populate all of your information if you use Gmail or Facebook.

Then you’re all set to start earning. Here are the requirements to get started:

  • Everyone must be over 13 can use the GrabPoints earning program.
  • The platform work best for people residing in the UK, USA, and Canada.

The GrabPoints App

At the time of this review, GrabPoints does not have an app. In order to get access to the platform, you’ll need to visit the site using your web browser. This also applies for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

How To Get Paid With GrabPoints

After completing tasks, users can redeem points in the rewards store. It’s simple to exchange points for rewards.

The rewards that are available are:

  • Entertainment
  • Music-related rewards
  • Online shopping with Bitcoin
  • Redeem for cash via Paypal
  • Amazon, BestBuy, StarBucks, Wal-Mart, Target gift cards and more…

Earnings Potential With GrabPoints

Like most similar apps, you have to hustle to earn with the platform. It is a solid app if you’re looking to earn some side income in your spare time.

But in order to rack up the points expect to spend hours on the platform and don’t expect to make a fortune. This is one of the complaints about GrabPoints.

This is an easy way to earn some passive income and not very difficult.

Each point collected in GrabPoints is equal to $0.001. In order to earn $1 you would need to earn 1000 points.

GrabPoints gift cards begin at $10, which is equivalent to around 10,000 points.

Cash Payout

For redeeming points for cash with GrabPoints, there is a $2 minimum threshold for cashing out through PayPal. Users also get rewards in the form of gift cards that can be redeemed via email within 72 hours.

Pros and Cons of GrabPoints


  1. It’s free and easy to join the app.
  2. Cash payouts on PayPal.
  3. One of the higher paying GPT sites with rewards at sites like Amazon, BestBuy, StarBucks, Wal-Mart, Target.
  4. Very user-friendly site with easy tasks to earn money.
  5. The app pays relatively fast compared to other sites with a 72 business hour period to process payments.


  1. Low paying surveys for time spent.
  2. No app available for using the platform on the go with your mobile device.
  3. Some surveys can take a long time to complete, which can be time consuming.
  4. Members have complained that there aren’t enough surveys to keep you busy after being on the platform for a while.
  5. The company carries a B- rating with the BBB.
  6. Some members have complained about poor customer service and getting their accounts banned for no apparent reason.

Is GrabPoints Legit?

GrabPoints is a solid app and reviews on the platform are mostly positive.

The GrabPoints business model revolves around sponsors, who advertise and promote on the site. Advertisers pay for user engagement in their ads on GrabPoints. This is how the platform generates revenue to pay its members.

Better Business Bureau

This company currently has a B- rating with the BBB and is not accredited.

The Better Business Bureau is the gold standard of business rating websites in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The organization has been relied on by consumers in the marketplace and helping inform the public about a business’ reputation for over a century.

Since its formation in 2014, GrabPoints has gained more than than 4 million members. The company has also claimed to have awarded more than $5 million to its members in that time and has positioned itself as a leader in the GPT (get-paid-to) space.


While I wouldn’t rely on GrabPoints to replace my full-time job, it could be a solid way to make a few dollars on the side.

With several easy ways to choose from to start earning with the platform, it might be worth a try.

If you’re looking for higher paying GPT sites, there definitely are many more out there. But if you’re just looking to add another one to the mix, I’d say give GrabPoints a go.

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