5 Ways The EarnHoney App Will Make You Money

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If you want to learn more about the EarnHoney App, then you’ll love this article.

I take a look at the 5 ways to earn with the EarnHoney App and review the entire platform.

I also share pros and cons of getting started.

Let’s get into it.

What is EarnHoney?

Earnhoney is a reward-based website. They are relatively new.

Like most reward-based sites, EarnHoney pays its users to perform specific tasks.

You wouldn’t be wrong in calling them a survey website like Survey Junkie or any of the big names. Surveys are a major aspect of their operations.

And like most survey sites, EarnHoney makes money by collecting data from its growing community of users and selling it to companies that use that data for marketing purposes.

But surveys are not all that they do. You can also make money by playing games, watching ads, and completing polls.

When was it Founded?

EarnHoney was founded in 2015 and is owned by the parent company Baybee LLC. That company owns a portfolio of websites including EarnHoney.

Michael Sheng and Jerome Shimizu have been identified as the owners. The website is only available in the US and their platform claims to financially reward its users three times quicker than other sites.

How Does EarnHoney Work?

This site is a get-paid-to website. In other words, it gives its members financial incentives to perform various tasks as I mentioned.

Members are paid using what used to be called Honey Dollars and is now called OPTin, the website’s currency. Each activity offered on the site has a particular value attached to it.

The more currency you earn, the more money you make with the site. The Honey Dollars to Cash ratio isn’t 1:1.

It takes a lot of Honey Dollars/OPTin to produce cash of any significance. EarnHoney tries to simplify the process of earning by making it not too difficult to earn with the different tasks on the site.

For example, you can earn OPTin by simply signing up.

5 Ways to Get Paid With EarnHoney

EarnHoney provides a variety of ways for people to make money. These ways include the following:

1) Videos

Of all of the ways to earn, videos are the most popular because you just have to watch them.

Naturally, because the task is so simple, you only earn a few cents per video. Many of these videos are short, just a few seconds long, and they usually play automatically.

Some users claim that you can open multiple windows to watch multiple videos at the same time.

But there are also reports suggesting that EarnHoney frowns on this strategy. And even goes so far as to ban individuals that use it.

As with many of the activities on this site, there is a limit to the number of videos you can watch in a day.

2) Offers

You can make money by going after offers. This is where companies compel you to sign up for certain services and subscriptions.

Offers are a lucrative way to earn if you know what you’re doing. And once you sign up for some of these services, you can choose to cancel your membership later on.

You should know that some of these offers require you to spend your own money.

3) Surveys

These are the most straightforward way to make money with EarnHoney. As the name suggests, you make money by completing surveys.

The website will determine whether or not you’re suitable for the surveys that you’re interested in by analyzing the answers you provide to certain questions.

Some people have complained about being disqualified for surveys after completing them. Most surveys take minutes to complete. The longer a survey takes, the more money you will earn.

Completing surveys earns you badges. The number of badges you get determines the value of the surveys you attract.

The people with the most badges tend to attract surveys with the highest profit potential.

Surveys earn you from 5 OPTin to 50 OPTin.

4) Referrals

You will get a commission on the earnings of anyone who joins Earnhoney through your referral. People who become Brand Ambassadors make even more money with the platform.

When you refer someone, you earn 10% of everything they earn for life.

5) Play Games

With Earnhoney you can get rewarded while you play games. You can get rewarded for any advertisements that you watch and the more you play the more you earn.

How to Join EarnHoney

Signing up is straightforward. Go to the EarnHoney website.

Simply enter your email address, choose a password, and then verify your email address by clicking the link they will send you. When your account is activated, you can take a moment to complete your profile.

EarnHoney App

Your profile involves sharing things like your gender, income level, and zip code. The site will also ask you additional questions that it uses to determine the surveys for which you are best suited.

How Does the EarnHoney App Work?

EarnHoney has an Android app that is easy to download and install. The app has all of the same functionality you find on the EarnHoney website.

You can manage your account, participate in surveys, and watch videos on the app.

The EarnHoney app is available for download in the Google Play store for Android mobile devices at the time of this review.

What is the Earning Potential?

The amount of money you can make depends on how active you are on the site, the number of surveys you complete, and the offers you choose. It comes down to how much you put into it.

But here are some guidelines around earning with the platform.

  • 100 Honey Dollars are worth 1 US dollar. A 60-second video is worth 0.2 Honey Dollars.
  • A ten-minute game earns you 3 Honey Dollars. Partial Dollars are called nectars.
  • It takes nine nectars to make a single Honey Dollar.
  • Every badge you complete gets you $5 Honey Dollars.
  • You could earn as much as $6 a day by completing surveys, watching videos, and playing games.
  • If you watch a tutorial and answer two questions after you sign up, the platform will award you $30 Honey Dollars.
  • An extra $10 HD is added to your account if you take the time to complete the profile survey.

NOTE: Earnhoney has recently changed their currency from Honey Dollars to OPTin coins. Each OPTin coin is worth 10 cents. And these OPTin coins are 10 times the Honey Dollar, which is 10 cents.

How Does EarnHoney Pay You

The platform pays its members using Paypal, Amazon Card, and Visa Gift Card. You can also exchange OPTin coins for cryptocurrency. The minimum threshold is only $1 to redeem your coins for cash.

This is on top of the option the site gives you to donate your financial rewards to a charity of your choice.

Pros and Cons of EarnHoney


  1. It’s free to join the platform.
  2. Many ways to earn with the platform and not too time consuming or difficult tasks to complete.
  3. Earn 10% on all of your referral’s earnings.
  4. According to their site, they are rated one of the top 2, earn in your spare time sites.
  5. Convenient payment methods with PayPal, Amazon Card, and Visa Gift Card.
  6. The company has a solid A+ rating with the BBB.
  7. The minimum redemption threshold is only $1.


  1. Some people have complained about being disqualified for surveys after completing them.
  2. It takes a lot of OPTin to produce cash of any significance.
  3. People keep complaining that the app is glitchy and reviews about the app are not very positive.
  4. The app is not available on the IOS platform.
  5. This platform is only available in the US and not in other countries at this time.

Is EarnHoney Legit?

This platform seems to be pretty solid. In the past, EarnHoney used to confuse people because they made it look like you could earn as much as $500 on each survey.

It took people quite a while to realize that was when the platform used Honey Dollars. Which equated to $5 per survey.

If the numbers advertised are accurate, they have paid out over $7 million to their members so far. They are also adding 1000 new members to their community every single day.

Better Business Bureau

The company has an A+ rating with the BBB and is not accredited at the time of this review.


EarnHoney is definitely a solid platform. While it does have some cons, like any platform it isn’t perfect.

But if your goal is to make some extra income in your spare time with modest effort, the platform is worth a try.

Check it out if you enjoy sites of this kind and you might find it to be a good source of additional income. In the end, I probably wouldn’t expect a full-time income from the platform.

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