ClixSense Review: 4 Ways To Make Money With ClixSense (Now ySense)

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If you’re looking for a ClixSense review, then you’re in the right place.

In this review, I share what I learned when I joined the site. And I share the 4 main ways to earn and start making money on the platform.

Let’s get to it.

What is ClixSense?

ClixSense is an online rewards website. Basically, they give you money for performing certain tasks.

At its core, the site is more of a survey site than anything else. Their primary partners are market researchers.

These researchers create their marketing strategies and sales policies on the information they collect from consumers.

ClixSense uses its community of users to collect and then sell consumer data. They then reward members for their hard work along the way.

While it’s easy to understand how you get paid with the platform, you’ll need to set the right expectations for the platform.

It is not a get rich quick scheme and the rewards are pretty small. And most would agree that they’re probably not going to make you a fortune.

When Was ClixSense Founded?

ClixSense was founded by Steven Grisky back in 2007. And then in 2010, James Grago purchased the company from Grisky.


Today, ClixSense has become ySense. The platform changed its name to ySense in response to the drastic changes it had made to its operations.

Pre-existing members were not affected by this change. Their ClixSense accounts were automatically moved over to ySense along with all the money they had earned.

The company has moved away from the name ClixSense and now goes by ySense. Today, ySense is proud to be a member of Prodege LLC.

During this review you’ll hear me mention both names interchangeably.

How Does ClixSense (ySense) Work?

The ClixSense of 2007 is a different platform from the ClixSense of 2019. In 2007, ClixSense was a ‘paid to click’ (PTC) site.

This is one of the reasons why PayPal chose to cut ties with them back then. They basically paid users to click on ads.

With rewards sometimes as low as $0.005, you can only imagine that these type of offers and earnings weren’t very popular.

Over time though, they began to make some changes. They evolved into an online rewards site that paid their users to perform specific tasks such as watching videos and participating in surveys.

Today, the PTC side of ClixSense is dead. The focus is now more on the online rewards part of the platform, which is part of the reason why they changed the name.

How to Join ClixSense (ySense)

ClixSense is free to join. Simply go to the ySense website and open an account by providing some basic information.

The platform will send a link to your email that you will need to click to confirm your email address.


Once your email has been verified, then you’ll need to go to your new account and complete your survey profile.

The platform will use the data you have provided to identify the surveys for which you are best suited. This includes things such as your employment status and educational history.

Once the survey profile is complete, you can start looking for surveys and cash offers.

How to Get Paid on ClixSense (ySense)

I just signed up for the site to get a feel for what the dashboard looks like and see the ways to earn. Here’s a snapshot of my account summary.

ClixSense Review

Making money from ClixSense (ySense) these days mostly comes in one of four ways.

1) Surveys

This is the site’s most straightforward offer. Just answer a few questions and the website will play you.

NOTE: There are surveys that users will not qualify for. The platform takes factors such as your age and country of residence into account when determining eligibility for particular surveys.

2) Cash Offers

The company has partners that will offer you financial rewards for performing certain tasks. These tasks include downloading apps, joining certain websites, and watching videos.

You have to pay close attention to the conditions attached to each offer and the time it will take you to complete each task. This will help you determine whether or not the financial rewards are worth it.

Some tasks are easy. Others are more time-consuming.

Some of the tasks you are expected to perform might require you to spend your own money. For example, you might be asked to book a flight.

3) Figure Eight Tasks

The site encourages you to perform simple tasks that are designed to keep you glued to its platform. These are assigned daily.

The tasks might be helping a business find a name, entering some data, or publishing posts on social media. These tasks are meant to be quick and easy, and these usually have smaller rewards.

Other tasks also include bonuses and weekly contests that you can take part in.

4) Referrals

If someone joins ClixSense as your referral, you will receive a small commission from their earnings whenever they perform a task that gets them a financial reward.

You can earn up to 30% on what your referrals earn. For each referral, you also earn a signup commission of between 10 cents and 30 cents.

Also, when your referrals earn their first $5, you earn a $2 bonus.

How Does the App Work?

At the moment, ClixSense (ySense) does not have an official app.

But they do offer a browser add-on/extension available for Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers. The add-on will notify you whenever any surveys, tasks, and offers become available.

It will also keep track of your account information. The add-on is not available for mobile devices.

Below is an example of what the add-on-extension browser looks like.

What is the Earning Potential with ClixSense (ySense)?

The amount of money you make will depend on the number of tasks and surveys you complete. The average survey pays anywhere between $0.50 and $1.33.

And a survey can take as long as 15 minutes to complete. It’s worth noting that users are categorized in Tiers.

  • People from First World countries are Tier 1 and they make more money per survey. Their earnings can reach $5 for each survey.
  • Everyone else is in Tier 2. With Tier 2 it is possible to find surveys that pay as high as $2.50.
  • A cash offer could get you as much as $5. While figure eight tasks are in the $0.01-$0.03 range.

There is an activity commission ranging between 10% to 30% depending on the number of referrals you have and whether or not they are active.

With regular surveys, tasks, offers, and referring others to the platform, some members have realistically made as much as $500 or more each month.

How Do You Get Paid (Cashout)?

You need a minimum of $10 to get paid. The company uses PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill to make payments. These usually take 5-7 business days to process.

Is ClixSense (ySense) Legit?

ClixSense is a solid company. They also keeps things very simple.

Their site is free to join and they have a low payment threshold.

Their BBB rating is solid at an A- rating and you can find their services in most parts of the world. They are not restricted to just Europe and the US.

At the time of this review, they are paying out over $30 million to their members every month. They also have roughly 7 million members.


There you have it. My ClixSense/ySense review in a nutshell.

I hope you found this useful. Now it’s your turn to get started with the platform.

There are multiple ways to earn and in my experience it is one of the better get-paid-to sites out there.

Click here to join ClixSense/ySense and start earning today.

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