7 Beautycounter Consultant Pros and Cons: Compensation Plan Review

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If you’re in to beauty products and like the passive income aspect of mlm, I’ve got a solid opportunity for you. In this Beautycounter MLM review I’m going to share what’s unique about this opportunity and if it’s legit.

I’ll take a look at the product line, the company background and the pros and cons of this opportunity. Then you’ll have a good idea of if this business stacks up and can stack dollars in your back account.

What is Beautycounter?

Beautycounter is a Multi-Level Marketing company that supplies beauty products and is based in New York City, NY. This direct selling company was founded in 2013 by Gregg Renfrew. The company has put some strategies in place to be both environmentally and socially responsible.

They claim to sell products that are 85% plant-derived and organic. Their products range from skin care products like creams, sunscreens, and soaps to beauty care products like lipstick and more.

Best-Selling Beautycounter Products

Beautycounter strives to be transparent with all the products they sell. As a result, they’ve managed to build trust with various distributors and clients. The categories of products they sell include makeup, bath and body products, family and skin care products.

Their best-selling products include:

  • Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion
  • Rejuvenating Day Creams
  • Recovery Sleeping Cream
  • Poppy Lip Duo
  • Sheer Lipstick
  • Perfect Pout Trio Nudes and more

Here’s a tweet that offers some high praise for Beautycounter’s Countermatch product.

How Beautycounter Works

To join Beautycounter, you have to pay an enrollment fee to become an independent consultant. You also need to generate traffic to their company replicated website. You can’t use your own site to promote their products.

Their products are expensive. This in some ways does speak to their quality. It can also put your earnings potential higher and possibly a higher profit margin with selling products with a higher price point.

Enrollment Fee

To get started as a BeautyCounter consultant, you pay an enrollment fee of $85. They have three product packages for you to choose from. The packages cost $218, $419 and $723.

You can select any package depending on your needs. To continue being a consultant, you have to renew the contract yearly. The renewal fee is $50.

When you pay the registration fee, you’re given a personalized site where you can access support and a training platform.

Beautycounter Compensation Plan

As a consultant, Beautycounter pays you 25-35% commission on all the monthly sales you make. There is no need to have a team or status for you to earn.

Also, they pay you a 5% commission on all of your personal sponsorship with 300 BV. This includes your downline and all your combined retail sales. There is no minimum or maximum sales requirements.

Senior Consultant

When you sign up and get 500 QV in the first month you get $100 in product credit bonus. To advance and graduate to a senior consultant position, you need 250 QV, which is from your personal orders and personal sales.

You also need 1250 BV from both your downline and combined retail sales. At this level, you also get a payment of 7% on your personal sponsorship which is level 1, and another 5% on your level 2.

Also, you earn various bonuses, which include the Start Counting and other Mentoring bonuses all in the form of cash. Start Counting bonuses are those you earn when the people you refer sign up. While mentoring bonuses are those you get paid when you mentor a team.

Manager Level

The next level is Manager. In order to reach this level, you need 250 QV, 2500 BV, and 250 NV, which you earn from new consultants and customers. As a manager, you get paid with 9% on your personal sponsorship which is level 1, 7% and 5% on level 2 and 3 respectively.

Senior Manager

From the managerial Level, you get to Senior Manager. This requires you to have 250 QV, 5000 BV, and 250 NV. Other compensations include a 9% on personal sponsorship, 9%, 7% and 4% on levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

How Much Can You Make With Beautycounter?

With Beautycounter, as you can see there are a ton of ways to earn money as an active consultant. In order to earn more and maximize the comp plan, you need to climb the ladder and get to the Senior Director level. Here, you can make up to $50,000 in annual income.

So as you can see becoming a Senior Director is the destination for all Beautycounter consultants. A full-time income is the goal and it takes a lot of hard work to get there.

4 Ways to Make Money With Beautycounter

If you want to increase your earnings potential with Beautycounter, you have to work smart. Just like with other MLM companies, there’s a ton of competition among Beautycounter Consultants. This is why you need to work differently.

Some of the ways to make more money with BeautyCounter include:

1) Educating users about products you sell

The strategy to use here is to discover a problem and provide a solution. It means you have to find a niche to promote their products within and educate people. Quality content is the bedrock of any online business. And if you want to grow your business online, this is the way to go.

I’ll share an example for you. Maybe go after a segment of the beauty industry where they’re looking for natural beauty products. Maybe you market the product line to these folks. Niche it down and focus a ‘Clean beauty products’ message.

2) Inbound marketing techniques

This is where customers reach you, but after you’ve attracted them. This is commonly referred to as attraction marketing. You have to invest your time in educating your users in order to build trust with them.

When you are viewed Position yourself as an expert in the niche then address their concerns even before they ask you. This can be done through a blog and/or email marketing methods.

3) Outbound marketing methods

Outbound marketing involves connecting with people including those who may not be familiar with you. When using this method, it might mean investing your time and money in learning how to market. This method involves finding out where your ideal prospect hangs out and get in front of them.

This might be running facebook ads for example. Running paid ads is a powerful way to grow your business. Start with a small budget and then you can scale up.

4) Building a team

BeautyCounter requires you to be skilled at selling products. The objective is also the same when it comes to building a team, which is a great way of growing your business. And discovering that passive income that everyone talks about in mlm.

Building a team is like recruiting a sales team to go out and sell for you. This is when mlm is powerful.

The products you’re selling are of high quality and high value. With time, you can advance from a consultant to a mentor and leader. Focus on team building and growing as a leader and success will follow.

Is Beautycounter Legit?

Beautycounter is a legit company. Although it is not yet BBB-rated, the company is trying to uniquely position themselves by selling safe and high-quality products. They are also transparent in all their operations.

Due to their good reputation, they’ve managed to grow immensely. If you are great at marketing and recruiting people, then BeautyCounter is a definitely a platform worth considering.

Pros and Cons of Beautycounter MLM


  1. It is a fast-growing company with a great business opportunity.
  2. The company’s mission isn’t just to sell but help all who participate including the customers.
  3. You get a chance to meet new people in the beauty industry which is fun.
  4. It is a legit company with high quality health conscous products in the beauty industry.


  1. Although Beautycounter promises you an attractive money-making opportunity, you have to put more effort and dedication to succeed. This includes training people and convincing them to sign up.
  2. Complicated compensation structure.
  3. You need to be getting traffic to your site in order to join. Not newbie-friendly.
  4. There are some strict policies around promoting the opportunity on social media and you can’t use your own site. Be sure to review before joining.


The Beautycounter mlm opportunity is a solid one. As a consultant you can promote clean beauty products and earn commissions along the way. As with any mlm it takes hard work to get to the top.

This opportunity might not be right for everyone. But if you can see the value in their products, you might enjoy and excel at this business.

I’ll leave you with a video overview below on the Beautycounter comp plan for beginners. Enjoy!

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