AppBounty Review – Does The App Work and Is It Legit?

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In this AppBounty Review, I’m going to touch on one of the big reasons why people buy a mobile device in the first place. It’s the apps.

But more specifically, I’m going to talk about how to earn money with an app like AppBounty. Because you and I both know, we spend a ton of time on our devices.

Having said that, wouldn’t it be cool to actually turn some of that time spent into cash? So I’m going to go over the AppBounty platform with a fine tooth comb and tell you if it’s legit.

Let’s get started.

What is AppBounty?

AppBounty is an app that was founded in 2012 by Jens Disselhoff and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

The app is arguably one of the most popular apps out there. It is a platform where you can earn rewards or gift cards just for downloading other apps and completing tasks.

AppBounty is available in 15 countries to-date and similar to sites like Swagbucks, the platform is one of many sites out there that offer rewards. Here are a few other similar sites:

  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • AppNana
  • FeaturePoints

On AppBounty apps are available that you can download and only need to keep on your device for a short period of time. There are also small tasks you can complete, which can usually be done pretty quickly and take on average about 2–5 minutes to complete.

In exchange for downloading the apps or completing the task, the user will earn points or credits towards gift cards such as Amazon gift card, Google iTunes Gift Card, and other types of gift cards.

The app has paid out over $1 million in rewards to it users. And the app has over 10 million downloads to-date.

Let’s look at some nuts and bolts of the app.

How Does the AppBounty App Work

In a nutshell, you’re rewarded with credits for downloading apps to your mobile device.

Here are the 3 Steps to getting started:

  1. Visit and download the free app.
  2. Earn credits when you download any of the free apps.
  3. Redeem your credits as gift cards or points.
AppBounty Review

In order to join you can visit their site or you can download and install the official AppBounty App from the Google Play Store for android devices, or the App Store for iOS devices.

After downloading and installing the app, you’ll be asked to log in with your facebook account. The setup process is a piece of cake and you’ll be set up in minutes.

If you have a code from someone referring you, you get 50 points when you sign up.

How to Earn Rewards With AppBounty?

1) Downloading Apps

When you download an app, AppBounty will pay you credits. How much you can earn per app varies.
Obviously you’ll want to look for the highest paying apps. Apps that are available for download can be found in the Offers section of the app.

2) Referrals

When you refer someone to the platform, you earn 250 points on the iOS platform and 100 points on Android. As I mentioned, the person you referred will receive a 50 point referral bonus just for joining the app. Referrals can be found in the Invite secion of the app.

3) Completing tasks or targets

Depending on the operating system that you use when you complete a task (iOS) or target (Android) you can earn credits. There are several tasks that you can complete.

Some tasks include:

  • Games – download or play a game and be rewarded.
  • Videos – watch a video to earn a reward.
  • Registration – register for programs and get rewarded.
  • Surveys – take part in surveys and earn rewards.
  • Deals – get special offers from select retailers.

You can cash out when you need to hit the 2500 point threshold, which is the equivalent of $5.

You are able to redeem your credit in the form of a gift card. It takes about 48 hours to get approved for your gift cards.

Is AppBounty Legit?

AppBounty is 100% legit. However, depending on your income goals it may or may not qualify as a reliable source.

If you are looking for a way to earn a full-time income, I’d say this is probably not going to do it. But if you want an easy way to earn a few extra bucks on the side, then AppBounty could be a good choice for you.

Does AppBounty Work?

The app does in fact work. You can download the app yourself and check it out. People are getting paid from it. And the feedback is mixed.

It is very easy to download an app and earn currency in the form of a gift card. So you might think it sounds too good to be true.

But the truth is, it is legitimate and they have paid out over $1 million to users at the time of this review. I doubt 10 million users are all wrong.

Pros and Cons of AppBounty


  • Trusted and used by more than 10 million users.
  • They have paid over $1 million to their users.
  • Very easy way to make extra money by simply downloading apps to your mobile device.
  • The platform doesn’t take much time. Maybe 5 minutes on average tops.
  • Wide selection of gift cards to choose from for rewards.
  • There are a few different ways to earn with the app.


  • No Better Business Bureau rating nor accreditation.
  • Poor customer service.
  • Common complaints include, not getting paid at all and glitches with the app.
  • The site pays you in gift cards and not cash.
  • Some app downloads earn you very few points. Which can make it take a long time for the points to start adding up.


Before we wrap up this AppBounty review, let me say a few things. As you can see, this platform has it pluses and minuses. Probably the biggest minus is that you don’t earn cash. If you don’t mind gift cards then that won’t be much of a deal breaker for you.

It’s also worth noting that there are many other apps out there that function very similar, but offer better payouts. AppBounty is a legit site though. And yes, people do get paid from it. Yes, it works.

In the end, you have to weigh the pros and cons. And if you value your time, then the question becomes is AppBounty really worth it.

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